Friday, January 16, 2009

Our Christmas...

Welcome to a little tour of our apartment at Christmas... it's about 3 weeks late, but I'm still proud of my decorating. I got it all arranged about two days after we got home, even with two jet-lagged children. This is a view of our foyer and I put up garlands in different doorways all over the house, but I made sure to put one in every doorway of the foyer to make it more festive. You can see far in the background ornaments dangling from the curtain rod. I usually hang ornaments from my chandeliers, but the one in the living room is too low, so I hung them on the curtain rod instead.

Our tree in the living room... it turned out really pretty this year after I found new ribbon to go with the cranberry garland.

This is a view of the dining room from the living room. I have my red ornaments hanging from the chandelier and my dishes are red with silver snowflakes on them. I even have matching snowflake napkin rings and silver chargers. I'll have to do a close up of the table next year.

These are our stockings... we need to find a better place for them. Any suggestions?

A high school friend's parents always used to put bows on top of all the pictures in their house. So I decided to copy the idea a few years ago and bought 60 bows. I used almost all of them, since we have a lot on our walls, but the effect seems worth it to me!

I put our advent calendar on top of the piano, along with some of my nutcrackers. I have over 70 in my collection and you can see them in different photos- along all the windowsills, on top of the crystal cabinet, and other furniture.

We've bought a White House ornament every year and I love them. I wish you could see it better, but the light and close ups are a difficult combination.

This is "La Belfana"... the witch who brings children gifts here in Italy. I think they must have gotten Halloween and Christmas confused here. She's not too scary in the ornament we bought, but some are just ghoulish. We went to a Christmas market and saw some that shake and cackle, and even a few with sparkling red eyes.

My husband buys me (and now Love Bug since her arrival) a snowflake or star crystal ornament every year. I love all of them, but this one from Waterford is special given the company's struggling financial situation. I hope they can improve and don't have to close. I'd hate to think this is my last ornament from there.


*carrie* said...


Your apartment is beautiful, and you did a lovely job making it festive. Thank you so much for sharing pictures!

tootie said...


Glad to hear that all is going well with you!

I'm impressed with your Christmas decorations, especially considering that you were busy with a new baby and a move! The ornaments are beautiful.

Danielle said...

I love the garland over the doorways and the dinning looks like a magazine! Glad you are settled in:-)

Nicol said...

The decorations turned out beautiful! I have seen some of the White House ornaments in a catalog this past year and was thinking about them. What a nice tradition.

Sarah said...

Beuatiful Holiday decorations! It's always so nice to be able to decorate during the holidays it makes everything feel so good. I love the Crystal ornament it's beautiful!

bren j. said...

You did a great job decorating, Abbey!
A friend of mine takes down all her pictures at Christmastime and wraps them. Then she hangs them back up and unwraps them again after Christmas. It looks pretty but I think your bow idea is a LOT less work!

Susan said...

I really love the Christmas tree. Looks like you had a lovely holiday:)

*carrie* said...


Thinking of you as we both celebrate this milestone day.