Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We're going home... I think!

My weeks as a medical mystery are finally over. My doctor still wants to double check a few things and has called some experts to consult. Basically, my hypothyroidism is probably linked to some other low hormones and we're working out which ones and when I'll need to start treatment. It's all early stages, nothing needs to be done now, but I'm reading up and trying to avoid becoming a walking experiment in hormone replacement.

The cause of all this mess? Stress... and no one I know is surprised. I'm the most stressed person I know. I'm always trying to do more and fit more in a day. Hence the reason this blog is falling by the wayside. I'm working on eating better and exercising more. I've been getting massages and I'm starting yoga again when we get home. I'm a person who needs yoga to be balanced and normal and I think my medical problems reflect this. Certainly my doctors are fantastic and medicine is important, but I can prevent further damage to my body with meditation and de-stressing activities. I'm also, as much as I hate it, cutting out more and more unnecessary tasks from my life.

The other thing I need? More service to others. I did a lot with my church growing up and then joined a service group in college and have always enjoyed helping others. We tithe to our church and give money to organizations we feel are important, but I want to physically do something instead of throwing money at problems. I love helping others and hope to take the kids so they can learn that this is a good habit in our lives. It forces us to think about others instead of ourselves and really look at the blessings in our life. This will be a challenge in Italy, since I don't speak much Italian, but I'm going to go to my church first and see where I can find more service opportunities from there.

B is back in the US to help us with our trip home and I'm so thankful for him. He is amazing. We went to see his family for Thanksgiving (see the picture at left) and had so much fun. His parents and brother were also so nice to give us some time away to go see my Mom's side of the family and my Dad's side the day after. We also went to see my Granny and Grandparents on our way home and B was so patient with all of my family activities.

Dragonfly is really taking to Daddy in just the time he's been back and Love Bug is, as always, Daddy's girl. We have been doing lots of fun stuff together like the Children's Museum and the Aquarium. As we were driving home from the Aquarium yesterday, we were asking Love Bug to repeat all the things she saw, from jellyfish to coral. When we asked her to say "sharks" she said it so well, my Mom asked her to "say sharks again". Her reply? "Sharks again"! Aren't kids just the best?

Other than that we're counting our blessings and praying for a safe flight one week from today.


Cheri said...

I can't believe how big your children are looking! They are growing fast.

Isn't it incredible how things worked out with you being in the states trying to work through your medical mysteries? I've experienced overseas local medical care - it always left me wondering what exactly happened during the visit...

Praying for answers and traveling mercies for your family

tootie said...

I'm glad to hear that you're doing ok!

We are so alike...I recently started doing yoga again, and it wasn't until that first class back that I realized how much I missed it! And volunteering is good for the soul. I always feel so uplifted when I help in the community.

Best of luck with your travels!!

bren j. said...

How nice to be able to spend Thanksgiving with all your family and
Love Bug's little sweater is so cute!

Safe travels!

Danielle said...

I hope you have a great trip home Abbey!

*carrie* said...

Thanks for the update, Abbey. Hope this last week in the States will be as smooth and relaxing as possible!

Nicol said...

I love the idea of using yoga to de-stress and help get things in balance. That is something that I could use after our move.

I wish you a very safe trip back home!