Sunday, November 2, 2008

Giving Thanks Challenge!

I'm going to try and join Leah over at South Breeze Farm for her "Giving Thanks Challenge". I say try because I have a new baby and a 2 year old that drives me batty; funny story about this actually...

One of the maternity nurses was doing follow-up with me and making sure I knew about the symptoms of post-partum depression. One, in particular, stuck out... "a feeling like you want to harm the baby, or feelings of anger towards the baby". I, of course, was somber for a second, at such a scary thought, but then told the nurse exactly what I was thinking... "No, I adore him- what a sweet baby! But does it mean anything if you have feelings of anger towards your 2-year old?" He he! I'm just going to continue to give Love Bug lots of attention and love. We've been doing lots of special outings together and that seems to decrease the amount of time she spends in time-out. It's hard for her and I want to make sure she remembers this period as exciting, getting to know her new brother. I just hope she doesn't remember getting a "talking-to" and her minutes in time out!

No matter what- I love you so much, Love Bug! You are a great big sister and a good helper to Mommy. Watching you grow up gives us so much joy and we are Thankful for you every minute of every day!

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Danielle said...

lol Abbey!

I have certainly had those moments! It will get easier:-) In my experience the 1st baby is the hardest...all new stuff going on. The 2nd baby is hard because they are totally uprooted from everything they know. By the time you get to the 3rd:-) the first two can play while you take care of the baby.

Thinking thankful thoughts is a good idea!