Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Backwards Works-for-me-Wednesday: Room Sharing & Which Bed to Use

Living in Rome, we have a two bedroom apartment. This is normal, since rents are really high and we chose to live in the city to keep my husband's commute short. Fortunately all the rooms are large and give us a lot of room to stretch out. The one problem comes in now that we are having our baby boy in just a month. Our daughter is going to be two in November, and at some point, these two will share the second room.

Because I breastfeed exclusively for the first six months, we'll probably keep the baby in our room until around that point for feedings and to make life easier with frequent night wakings. If he starts sleeping through the night earlier (which our daughter did easily), then we'll move him at four months when the risk for SIDS decreases.

Any tips for making the transition to one room easier for our kids? My daughter has slept through the night since she was just 10 weeks old and sleeps really well, so I don't want to mess her up. I think she could tolerate minimum noise, but a lot wakes her up. Do kids get used to more noise or will they adjust to a sibling crying and be able to go right back to sleep?

Also, what about the bed? We plan to use the 4-6 months to move her to a "big girl" bed, leaving enough time afterward so that she "forgets" that her brother is taking her bed. We have a single bed, but because it's older, it's really high off the floor, but I guess we could do railings- any recommendations? Or should we buy a toddler bed instead? Most of the sheet sets she likes (since we want her to pick her own) are in both twin and toddler sizes... what should we do?

Some things to consider:
- Moving isn't an option.
- We want to move him as early as possible. Our pillow talk, etc. are a very important part of our marriage. Our daughter moved at four months and that was perfect.

Can you help me with tips for a smooth transition? What kind of bed should we use for our two-year-old? Anything you can offer is really appreciated!


Mandy said...

Ah the days. I have three daughters all a year apart so for three years I did alot of baby shuffling. As far as your daughter waking up, I was given a wonderful suggestion when my middle daughter came home. Granted you have a baby monitor, put it in her room for the first few weeks on a low setting. When the baby cries in your room she will also hear it in her room. This will not only show you and your husband if she will sleepp through it or not, but it will also get her prepared for him to be in the room with her and she will feel like she is not being exluded (you and your husband and the new baby in one room, and her in another might make her feel left out). As for the beds. I got a toddler bed when my middle daughter came home and I wish I would have just went ahead and invested in a "big girl" bed. When they got a little older I bought a twin bed with a trundle bed and it was the best thing I ever did. They could sleep close in the night and then push the trundle in to play during the day. Good luck and God Bless your family.

fern said...

My son and daughter also shared a room when they were little. You never know how one will react. If you can put the baby nearer the door, so you can get him quickly if he cries it might help. Also, if the bed is too high for your daughter--just put the mattress on the floor. We did it with no problems.

fullofboys said...

I have three boys - ages 2, 4 and 6. They all share a room. I would say that they all learn to tolerate each other so do not worry about that.

As for the bed, use the twin bed. There are these 'guards' that a made of foam that slip under the fitted sheet. They make it unlikely that she would roll out at all.

Sounds like you have exciting changes happening in your place!

Herb of Grace said...

Ah yes, the room-sharing adventure...

We live in a tiny, two-bedroom house and we moved our son into "the kid's room" when he was about four months old. Our daughter adjusted very well, barely even waking when I came in to nurse, and easily falling back to sleep. By the time ds was 8 or 9 mths old, she didn't even wake at all. However, he didn't sleep through the night until he was almost a year and when we finally had to resort to cio, we did have problems. But in the end it worked out.

As far as beds... since space is such an issue for us (their room is only about 9'X13'), my daughter sleeps in a loft bed with toys and playspace underneath, and my son sleeps in a crib.

Anonymous said...

I learned the hard way that some children don't feel secure going to a big twin bed directly. We had to backpedal with our little one who enjoyed a toddler bed, and then a twin bed at age 3 1/2 (too soon for him so we got a twin bed that was almost as low as the floor and with rails). You could also do the matress on the floor as others have mentioned, but rails make children feel cosy. If you see her curling up at the top of the bed, she wants a cosier spot. Many children do find going right to a twin bed; so you won't know until you try it. I would make the switch either months before or after baby arrives. His appearance will be enough of a change for her to grasp. Also, you need to really consider safety. Putting a 4 month old in the room with a child can be risky if a toy or blanket is thrown into his crib. I would wait until he is at least a year old. Could you move him into the living room for a while instead?

Danielle said...

I never had an issue with moving baby into the "boys room" between 4and 6 months.

As far as the bed, two of my boys went right into the toddler bed. That was nice for those "accidents" in bed. The other two went right into a big bed with rails. All could get in and out on their own, but the two that went right to bed need to have stuff in their bed so it didn't feel so empty.

Pasifik said...

I want to go to Rome/Italy someday!