Sunday, August 3, 2008

We're here!

We have been here for almost a week, but it's been exhausting! Lots of unpacking, including the boxes I mailed ahead of time. We've been to the pool, to the beach (Lake Michigan), shopping, and to a wondeful Chicago Symphony Concert of Broadway tunes at this awesome location! It's a drive for us, but well worth it. We sat on the lawn and had a picnic... scroll down on the webpage for a photo of the lawn fun.

I've spent time with my Mom, my brother and we'll see all my extended family this weekend! I feel so blessed to be home.

The only thing missing is my sweet husband, B! He's doing a special work assignment for 5 and a half weeks away from home (which is good since I'd freak out if he needed to take a 5 week trip next Spring and left me home with two kids). Being able to come home has made the timing good, but it's still hard! When Love Bug saw a picture of all of us yesterday and pointed to him saying "Da-da", it broke my heart. He has reassured me that this trip is a one time thing to help move him up to management. Thank God he isn't in the military. We'd be terrible at it (how strong you all are who do this. I pray for you everyday!) I'm crying every day and not hungry, and he's not sleeping well and is a little depressed. We've only been apart a few times since we got married. The year and a half before that when we were dating, we saw each other every day. It's not the work load... I can handle Love Bug alone (add Dragonfly and we'll see), but I just miss him and his wondeful company. It makes my heart ache even more for my Mom, after we lost my Dad two years ago. He was healthy, only 52... I can't imagine knowing the love of your life is gone forever.

I'll be posting about our flight home this Wednesday. It was so much worse than I expecting- maybe because I'm seven months pregnant and chasing a toddler. But really... it... was... awful! I've learned a few things, so I'll post about my story and give my advice (I'll try to say more than "Don't do it!"). Also, I'm doing my bilingual post on Friday, so if you have any questions or ideas for what to include, let me know! We've just had a big jump in language recently, so it's good timing!

Glad to be back to blogging and to the good old USA!


*carrie* said...

So glad you made it safely, but sorry to hear the flights were such a struggle. Glad you can now enjoy time with family in the US!

Sarah said...

I am happy you made. I hope things continue to go well for your family and that your husband returns shortly...I can imagine how hard that would truly be.

You are all in our prayers! Take care.

Susan said...

So sorry it was not a good flight. Please give tips, I will be chasing a toddler from Germany to US soon too.

Also interested to hear about the bilingual stuff. JR is still not talking beyond Mama, Daddy, ball and "Nein".:( I speak in English and the rest of his world is German. I know probably screwed it up somehow. But he certaininly understands both languages.

Cheri said...

Oh, I can understand about missing your husband. It's about your best friend not being there - about missing the person you share so much with. I get it. And honestly, it doesn't matter if it's the first time you've been apart or you've been apart too many times to count. Praying for you.

Nicol said...

Sorry to hear about the flight. I always worry about flying with Livy. So far we've done well but we have a huge international flight in Dec and we'll see how well she does then. Look forward to your post!

bren j. said...

Hey, I'm glad you made it home safely even though the flight sucked. Just think - when you fly back there'll be one more child, but one more spouse too! Hooray!

Since we're heading to Seattle (one 2-hour and one 6-hour flight) on Friday, I won't read your post before we go. I think it'll just make me stress even more. But I'll come back and compare notes afterwards. :)

Have you made a special calendar so you and Love Bug can count down the days till your husband gets there?

tootie said...

Welcome home! Glad you made it safely, despite some struggles on the trip! Hope everyone is doing well.