Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I'm glad that so many people like the new blog design! Thank you. I got the tip from Leah at South Breeze Farm, and we got our blog designs from The Cutest Blog on the Block. Please though, use a different design from either of us, to keep it fun!

I picked this one because I love fall (it's my favorite season!) and it just looks like me! I love it. I've been wanting something different from what blogger offers for a long time.

Thank you also, to everyone who replied to my last post about vaccines. Just a few replies to some of the comments:

- I, like many of you, didn't think that the chicken pox vaccine was that important. In the end we gave it to Love Bug and will definitely give it to Dragonfly because of the risk of sterility in men who contract chicken pox as adults. I'm just more sensitive about things like that, because it took so long for us to conceive LB. Also, Cheri brought up the risk of open sores and MRSA... very smart and something I've never thought of before. Either way, it's not vital, just make sure all the adult men in your life know the risk of sterility if they catch it as adults.

- I also agree with Kathleen about how many vaccines they get at once. We also were able to spread ours out and once she showed no signs of problems with any of them, we went forward full steam ahead. And as an interesting note, Kathleen said she was branded after refusing the Hepatitis B shot at birth. In France, they don't give it at birth at all. You get the first three doses later. We did get all her doses of Hepatitis A & B because it's very common in Europe, just later.

- Danielle asked about my reference to not being able to take Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches to school. Yes, this is true in many places, included the Elementary School near the house we own (and rent out for now) in Washington, DC. It's to control peanut allergy reactions in kids with allergies. I understand this, especially if you've had an incident or many kids have allergies. But then letting unvaccinated kids walk around the school is no problem? That seems like a problem with priorities to me!


Jacquie said...

Love the new look.

Our schools here don't allow peanut butter either. Allergies today are so much more widespread than when I went to school. It's kinda scary.

My Aunt had German measles while pregnant, my cousin is hearing impared as a result. I wasn't immune when I was pregnant with my oldest which was scary at the time as I worked in a pretty public job.

bren j. said...

That's what I forgot to say - love the new blog design. It's very cute.