Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Water Safety

I was planning to do a post on bilingual children to share our experiences and offer tips on what has worked for us. Now, even though those posts are half written, I'm thinking more about water safety. I've seen a lot of posts about pools, boating, and other fun around the water and I thought I'd share some basic safety tips that many websites and other resources won't tell you. Love Bug and I are at the pool four to five times a week and I see so many parents struggling to teach their children to swim. I will admit that my certification is lapsed, but I was a lifeguard and swim instructor for 8 years before we moved overseas. I have been checking out current materials since I want to renew next year.

So, what are you questions? What do you want to know about teaching your children to swim or techniques to help them learn a certain skill in the water? Any questions about pools, lakes, beaches, or waterparks? Any questions about boating or water sports? I hope I can offer some advice and help make your time in or around the water more safe!


Nicol said...

I don't really have any questions. I am planning on enrolling Livy into swim classes in the future. For the time being we do going swimming at the children's pool.

I do want to say that I am giving you a blog award. Head over to my place to collect it.

Also, the package arrived the other day! Thanks! The chocolates are delicious!

Cheri said...

We're good on the swimming end. i do belive that somehow we ended up with a son that is half fish!

What we did right? Exposed him to lots of opportunities (closely supervised) for water fun. Pools, beaches, sprinklers. Water is sheer joy for him!

*carrie* said...


Since our kids are the same age, I'd be interested to hear what you do with C in the pool to get her comfortable in the water.

Susan said...

I think I did bad when I did not attend baby swim classes when JR was 7 months. JR is a cautious toddler and an observer. He does not jump into situations until after intense evaluation that it is safe. He really loves baths, water, and beaches, but not the pool.

I have been able to JR into the pool, eventually, but he does not seem to enjoy it as much as the other kids. He does not like to sit down in the water at all. Forget him getting into anything like a swim ring or something. I am thinking of entering a swim course for toddlers in my area. Is this an ok age to go for a swim course?

Susan said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to include, JR will be 18 months in August.