Thursday, July 3, 2008

Our vacation...

We went to Puglia on vacation, which is the heel of the "boot". Here are some of our favorite pictures from our trip:

The first night we arrived in this little village, the children of the town were putting on a show, with costumes, lights, and singing. So cute!

Our first meal had this amazing appetizer platter. Salmon, fruit/fish salad, shrimp, and octopus (the purple in the corner). I confess that I didn't like the octopus!

Being in Italy, a very Catholic country, there were religious monuments everywhere. I love the marine theme of this one.

Love Bug and Daddy cuddling on the beach...

We found this beautiful cove just up the road from our rental house. We reserved chairs and umbrellas for the week and just relaxed!

Walking back to the car after a long day at the beach. You can hardly tell that I'm pregnant. (he he)

We found this little village called Alberobello and did a little sight-seeing. These are all ancient houses made of white-washed clay with cone-shaped stone roofs.

The beautiful city of Matera later that day, where the houses are carved out of the side of a ravine.

Love Bug waiting for the shuttle up to the Castel del Monte. She loves this hat!

We finally got Love Bug a little raft after she tried to take them from other kids every single day on the beach!


bren j. said...

These are great pictures! What a neat opportunity you guys have living over there.

tootie said...

This looks like so much fun! I loved all the pictures!

I'm fascinated with other countries and cultures, and I always enjoy hearing about your adventures.

Nicol said...

Wow! It looks simply beautiful there! What a great trip and it looks like Love Bug really enjoyed herself.

Sarah said...

what a wonderful time. I am happy to hear all of you had a lovely time! Thanks for sharing the photos.

Jacquie said...

How fun! Looks beautiful! You look great btw!