Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My little Dragonfly...

I was asked by one of my family members (one of the many who reads my blog, but never comments) what my concerns are when it comes to having the new baby. She is referring to the last post... it's a very small part if you didn't notice.

My big concerns are just that everything goes well. I really would like to try a VBAC (Love Bug was a c-section due to large size), but I'm still not meeting all the criteria to try it, since he's still in breech position. Often second babies have ample room, with everything being stretched already, to move around a lot. I was told that he'll probably be head down by 34 or 36 weeks, and I hope they're right. He's smaller than Love Bug, so hopefully that will help.

I was worried about Dragonfly's development, since they found a large measurement on my last ultrasound, but that was resolved just today! We went for another ultrasound and they found that the measurement was normal for this age range and is of no concern anymore, so that is reassuring! Yeah!

My next concern may seem a little silly, but I'm worried that I won't have enough love for both kids. Love Bug is the absolute center of my world and I can't imagine having time for anyone else. My Mom and many friends with 2 or more kids, assure me that they all felt this way too. And they also assure me that they had no problem finding time and love for 2 kids or more! Still, two kids under 2 seems so overwhelming!

Fortunately a lot of worries with my first pregnancy aren't a problem now. I worried about breastfeeding last time, but since I did it exclusively for 7 months and then continued through 16 months, I'd say I'll be okay. I also worried about having a c-section, but now that I've had one, I can say it was no big deal. I'd rather avoid it to help me heal faster (again, 2 kids under two... I don't have time to heal), but overall, it was a good experience and I recovered quickly the first time. My other worry was having time with my husband, but we've made that a priority and we always find time for each other. I think our relationship is stronger now in many ways!

I already love Dragonfly so much and I just hope I can be as good a Mom to him as I am to Love Bug. I can't wait to meet him... 13 weeks and counting!


Cheri said...

Being a first time mom wasn't/isn't easy! I can't talk about the second yet - give it a couple more years... (I'm tired of waiting already).

I remember when The Boy was a toddler. I lost a paring knife. Lost it. i was terrified The Boy would find it and hurt himself. I called my mom hundreds of miles away so she could help me find it....Ummm. It didn't work. We never did find that knife!

Stephanie said...

i have faith in you and it will all wark out in the wash

*carrie* said...


None of those concerns sound silly. I'm sure the love you already have for him will just continue to grow and amaze you!

Nicol said...

I missed this post...glad I went back to check. I only have Livy, but I have had the same thoughts with having another baby. Would I have enough love? Could I handle an active (very active) toddler and care for a newborn? Would I have enough time for my dh? Will I have enough time for Livy and all the fun things we enjoy doing together?

I know that there is another baby for me in the future and I know that like millions of women before us, that I will love that baby as much as Livy. I know that it will be stressful at times, but it will be worth it!

I think that you will have just as much love for Dragonfly.