Friday, July 11, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I wanted to share some exciting news with you all. I am going home to have the baby! All has finally been confirmed and my airline tickets are ready!

There's nothing wrong and no vital reason for this, just my comfort. I really like my doctor here, but culturally, the hospital is very different:
- With c-sections (which would be more likely, since I've had one already), Moms cannot breastfeed in recovery or see the baby until a few hours later
- Siblings can only come visit during very restricted hours
- They do not perform circumcision and we'd have to check into the children's hospital for another night to have it done (this is typical in Europe, since they don't really circumcise boys at all)

Obviously none of these things are issues at the hospital near my Mom's house. I also will have my Mom around more, since she could only take off two weeks to visit us, but actually only works part time. B will also take off 4 weeks, arriving just before the doctor's best guess of the birth date. He will come back around Thanksgiving for a quick trip to visit his family and then to help us come back to Rome. Because, really, did anyone think I could handle a two year old and a two month old, plus luggage, by myself on a trans-atlantic flight?

The best part? My husband's work actually prefers me to have my baby back in the US. So they're paying for our flights, rental car, and meals. Our insurance covers the medical care. All we have to do is find lodging, which as you can imagine, my Mom is thrilled to provide. We have a pediatrician and doctor we already use just down the street. The doctor is in a family practice and doesn't deliver babies, but she did refer me to her OB, who delivered all her children and also happens to be her best friend. I've already sent the OB my lab results, surgical report from my last birth, and talked on the phone with her assisting midwife many times, so I think we're ready!

I know it would be great to have a baby in Italy... trust me, I mourned over this for a long time. But I did it in France and while it was great, I really missed having the support of lots of family and friends around. Love Bug had only met my Mom, my Brother, B's parents, and a few others before our first trip home when she was 6 months old. I look forward to Dragonfly meeting all his family and many good friends before we return to Rome.

We're leaving in three weeks and I have a lot of prep to do before we go. A few boxes to mail (winter clothes and a few baby items), suitcases to pack, and I need to prepare the house for 4 months without me to keep everything under control! I'll keep updating you as we get close to our departure.


tootie said...

That's wonderful! I'm sure it will be great to be home. And I bet your mom is excited to play grandma to Dragonfly (and Love Bug, too, of course).

Good luck with all your packing and prep!

Nicol said...

I think that's great. The best part is having your mom there to help. Although, it would be hard being away from home for so long.

You probably have it all ready, but I just thought that you will have to get a passport for Dragonfly. Hopefully the wait time isn't too long. It seems that it took us forever to get Livy's.

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I look forward to your post about bilingualism. Hopefully it will help me. I am still overwhelmed and need to set a clear plan as what I will be doing.

Cheri said...

I am so excited for you! We had our son overseas and it was fine. But that was Germany, in an American military hospital, not in an actual Italian hospital.

And think of the quiet at your mom's house! No naughty children throwing tantrums at 11 pm. No one wondering around with heels. And the only yelling will be yours (LOL)!

Jacquie said...

How exciting! You all must be on cloud 9.

Loved the u/s pics of Dragonfly! Too sweet.

Anonymous said...

My first child almost died from a circumcision. Please research it fully before you decide to go through with it. I didn't circumcise my second boy and I totally think that's the way to go!

Here's some interesting and hopefully helpful links:

God luck in your travels and during the duration of your pregnancy.

*carrie* said...


That is awesome that B's work is being so supportive and generous. I hope all the details will go smoothly!