Monday, July 7, 2008

Another Book Post

I just finished reading Eat, Pr.ay, Love by Elizabeth Gil.bert. While I enjoyed reading about her experiences in Italy, India, and Indonesia, I couldn't really identify with her. She is searching for herself and for meaning in her life, while I personally feel like I already know who I am.

Don't get me wrong- my life isn't perfect. I go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink or wet laundry in the wash. I sometimes watch a favorite movie while Love Bug plays alone, just because I need a break. I worry too much and let things get to me more than I should. My life isn't figured out yet, either- I don't know what I'll do when I'm ready to go back to work, and I don't know for sure if I'll teach again. I know I want to do something different when I get my Master's, but I don't know what field I'll choose.

Despite all this, I feel figured out, and I feel really good about my place in the world. I love my husband more each day and know I made the right choice when I married him. We still know how to make each other laugh. I dreamed about my daughter all through my pregnancy, and she is even more wonderful than any of my dreams. We play, laugh, go to the pool and park, and she learns more each day. I'm so thrilled that I'm about to have a baby boy. While I have my concerns, I know they're all normal. We'll both make it okay and he'll blend into our family just fine. My life is not at all what I planned, especially living overseas, but it's better than I ever hoped for.

I guess my point is that I understand the author's questioning of the choices in her life, but I'm so glad that I feel solid about my own. Why is it that my life feels so solid, while she feels that hers is so lost? Was I just lucky to find the right man, or did I choose the right person to marry? Is there something out there that I'm missing, or I'm I just lucky that motherhood is totally fulfilling for me? Do some people look at wrong choices as regrets, while I just see them as learning experiences? I have nothing to search for, because I've already found everything I need. I have no regrets, because I know I'm not done living my life.

What do you all think? Have any of your read this book or "searching for self" books like it?


CanCan said...

Hi there! You won the Apron giveaway! Woot woot!
Email me with the address on my profile with your US shipping address. Congrats!

tootie said...

I read this book and loved it! I loved reading about her travels.

But, I agree with you - I don't feel "lost" like she did. I considered myself very blessed with my life!