Sunday, June 1, 2008

Three-Day Weekend and Coming Up This Week

One of the things that I love about living overseas is unexpected holidays. In the US, we learn in the early grade school years when to expect certain holidays. Without fail, each year they arrive, and we're all free for a day. But overseas, you're always learning about new holidays in each place you live.

My husband came home Friday afternoon and I thought I heard him say something about a three-day weekend. What, what, what?!?! When he comfirmed, that yes, June 2nd is a holiday here (Foundation of the Republic), I was so excited! Three whole days with Daddy... what lucky girls we are!

We went to mass on Saturday night and then had a special dinner afterwards, as usual. Sometimes with friends (like last night) or sometimes with family. Saturday night mass is the mass we usually attend. The Catholic Church has offered a Saturday Vigil Mass for about 40 years and more and more protestant churches are following suit. It's based on the old ideas of celebrations and Sabbath day starting the evening before at sundown. For us, it works so well with our schedule and ensures that Love Bug is quiet so we can enjoy the service and pay attention to the homily (sermon). We've gotten so many compliments on her good behavior, and we're just lucky that this is a time of the day when she's winding down and can sit quietly with a toy or book. If Love Bug is any indication, all of our children will be Night Owls, like their Mom and Dad.

Today we got up and had a nice big breakfast and then rested, read, and played all day. Love Bug enjoyed it and actually took two naps, which means that I got to finish my latest book, The Conspiracy of Paper, by David Liss. As I've said before, I don't have much choice about what I read, because they're usually sent to me by kind family and friends who know that the only English library here is very small and hard to get to from our place. This is from my cousin, who loves this type of historical fiction, and she's slowly turning me into a fan as well. I probably won't post anything about this one, but you can read the description on the link I added. I would definitely recommend it. It's fast paced and there are so many different elements, and unanswered questions at the end of each chapter, that you can't help but keep reading.

This week I have another post ready about Gilead, the book I posted about a month ago. Later in the week, I have a post ready about Bel Canto, by Ann Patchett, which is the book I read between the last two I mentioned.

Finally, next weekend, I'm having a Giveaway Contest. It's good... very good! I'll give you more details next weekend, but please stop by!


Nicol said...

I love three-day weekends! It always gives you something to look forward. Of course, I would love more notice then what you were given. I am a big planner and love to find mini-vacations or day trips for the time we have off.

I can see why you would like the Saturday Mass. Our church service time is from 11am to 2pm which is right during lunch and nap times. Livy can be such a pill, like today. I usually have to run home between classes and give her lunch.

tootie said...

Enjoy your 3-day weekend! Maybe we in the US should try to adopt this holiday as well ;)

Susan said...

I always lose track of all of the German holidays! Such as yesterday was Children's Day. You are suppose to by your kids a present. Poor JR. I can forget JR sitting on my lap at 10:30am, he is ready to PARTY!!!

*carrie* said...


That is so fun to have a surprise 3-day weekend.

I read Bel Canto a couple years ago, and found it very compelling.

Jacquie said...

Three day weekends are the best, and now that my DH is working in town we all get to benefit from them since he is home.