Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Organizing our keys... part 2

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My next task was the front door keys. We were left a pile of keys in a kitchen drawer and four different key sets on keychains... none making any more sense than another. I finally took all the keys off the keychains and tested each one. I took a few different baggies to place them in once they worked in a specific lock, labeled front door, building door, garage, front gate, and cantina (this is a storage space that most Italians have in their apartments... usually in the attic or basement of the building). I was able to then sort the keys, label the keys, make copies of whatever else we needed, and put them on keychains for B, for myself, an emergency set at a neighbor's, for houseguests, and for our cleaning lady.

The bad news... it did take about three hours to do, but at least I was able to combine the task with taking Love Bug to the playground while I checked the gate and building doors. The good news... in the end, we only had two keys left that didn't belong anywhere. One looked like a bike lock, that someone probably moved with and forgot the key when they turned in the apartment keys. The other was a front door key, but it was different than the sets we had. Finally we remembered that our locks were changed just before we moved in, and these must've been the old keys that they forgot to give to the locksmith. We called and turned them in, despite the fact that they said our old lock was probably already recycled and melted down.

It feels so good to have all this done. Does anyone else have a great organizing story they could share on their blog? Something that is unusual and not mentioned in many organizing books or magazines, like me and my keys? Who knows, maybe our different experiences could actually help each other!

Sorting my keys!

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