Friday, June 6, 2008

My Giveaway Contest

UPDATE: Comments are now closed. I'll let you know on Monday, after B and I talk it over!

It's my choice to leave most personal details, espeically my husband and daughter's names, off my blog, so I need a blog name/nickname for the new baby, arriving in October. Here are the criteria I'm looking for:

1. Insect Themed- since I have a Love Bug, this name has to match!
2. Masculine- it's a boy.
3. Cute- no scary or gross names allowed... cute insects only.
4. No moth related names (as I said in my 100 things post, number 14 & 15, I hate moths.)
5. Honor system here... think of names, comment on them, and don't read other comments and their ideas until you're done. If more than one person thinks of my favorite name, I'll give multiple prizes.

And now, for the best part, here is what you can win! One of these great book and candle combinations pictured below, with some Italian chocolate thrown in! Check out the pictures of the books and candles I'm giving away below. I'll contact you if you win to see what book and candle you want, as well as your favorite type of chocolate (dark, milk, or white). The winner (or first to comment on my favorite name, if there are multiple winners) gets the choose which one they want. I have them pictured together, but you can choose any combination you want.

Confessions of an Organized Homemaker by Deniece Schofield and a Large Yankee Candle in Clean Cotton Scent

Hope Through Heartsongs by Mattie J.T. Stepanek and a Teal Blue Villeroy & Boch tealight holder (with 4 extra tealights)

Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and a Gold and Cream Star Candle

Depending on the number of prizes left (I'm giving away all three), you can also win another book, candle, with bonus chocolate, just by entering. Earn yourself another entry by mentioning my Giveaway on your blog- but don't forget to comment that you did this, so I can come check it out. And yes, you can suggest more than one name! Please do!

You must enter by Sunday, June 15th at noon (here in Europe- that's 6:00 AM Eastern

Please help me... come up with some creative names! I'm so excited to see your ideas. Happy naming!


bren j. said...

How about "lil' Bumblebee"!

*carrie* said...


Fun prizes!

I like Lightning Bug! =)

Sarah said...

I was thinking Jitter Bug...

Cheri said...

I am so sorry, but I've got nothing. Not a thing.

And hey, why haven't you signed up for my pass it on? Pop on over!

Kathleen W. said...

Is "Cricket" too girly?

Nicol said...

I have been thinking for a while and I keep going back to Dragonfly. Something that he can grow up with a bit.

Susan said...

Hmmm. Magfly to girly? Bed bug, Little Mite or or Flyboy??

Jacquie said...

Dude-Bug popped into my head just now.

Can we enter more than once? Must go back and read LOL

Sarah said...

Oh I thought of another one,

Jacquie said...

How about Doodle-Bug?

It seems I'm focusing on the D's?? Wonder why LOL?!?!

Sarah said...


Jacquie said...

How about D'Bug.