Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday Night in Rome

Love Bug and her pizza! Yum!

Last night we went out for a night on the town and it was so much fun. We started out early, around 5 pm, to do some shopping. I was desperately looking for shoes, since my feet have started swelling to giantess proportions. We ended up not finding anything, but it was so fun to look!

We met B after work and walked around the Campo de'Fiori before heading up to the area around the Pantheon. We found a place to eat and had a wonderful meal of bruschetta, salad, pizza, and wine (just a sip for me).

We're making our way up to Blue Ice, my favorite gelato place, and guess who we saw?

Yes, that is Ron H.oward in the middle wearing the blue baseball cap! And to the right, facing the other way, is Tom H.anks! They're here to film Angel.s & Demon.s. How cool is that? Although, I must say that I wonder about Ron H.owards taste. B had Love Bug on his shoulders for about 10 minutes, and not once did he rush over and say what a beautiful baby she was, and how he was going to write a movie just for her. Oh, well!

Today my Mom is leaving to go back to the States. Her visit was so great and we had a great time! We'll miss you Mom, but we can't wait to see you again soon!


tootie said...

So glad you've had a fun visit with your mom.

And so cool that you got to see filming for the movie! Will you sign autographs for us when they cast you and your family in their next movie? ;)

Sarah said...

oh it sounds like so much fun! I bet it has been wonderful to have your mother around as well.

*carrie* said...


Hope your mom has a safe trip home--glad you'll get to have a long visit with her later this year.

Mmm, bruschetta!

How exciting about the celebrity sightings--I'll have to look into that movie.

Jacquie said...

Visits go so fast, hope you had a blast with your Mom.

Your little LoveBug is growing so fast, when did that happen?? LOL.

Ron Howard and Tom Hanks, very cool! He'll kick himself one day when LoveBug is the next Hannah Montana and he missed discovering her ;-)

Mmmmmmmm bruchetta, had some with dinner ourselves.