Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shower Curtain Hooks

I was going to write a Works-for-me-Wednesday post, but I had to ask about you all about shower curtain hooks instead. Does anyone hate these things? When I was back in the states last fall and shopping for our new place, I had to look for some. We only had one shower in Paris and the rings there were breaking, after being used for nearly 6 years. I shopped and these shower curtain hooks seemed to be the latest thing, so I bought them. They were only slightly more expensive than the regular rings and looked like so much fun.

Well, they are not fun. Not at all. Every time I try to move the curtain, even just slightly, a few hooks fall off. If you really forget and move fast, about half come off. I just don't have time to worry about this, especially since I shower (with the curtain in) and Love Bug baths (with the curtain out), in the same tub. I've seen some reviews that state you need a heavier curtain to hold the hooks in place. My shower curtain is thick plastic and the fabric curtain that hangs outside (on the same hooks) is pretty heavy as well, so this is not the problem.

When you look online to find something else, all you can see for miles are these stupid hooks. I finally called my Mom to help me since she's the one that will ultimately buy these things anyway. (She visits next week and always brings me lots of goodies.) She had the same problem and knows where to find those great rings with the rollers on the top. Anyway else feel the way we do? Why do stores keep ordering these hooks if no one likes them?


Nicol said...

I have only had the stupid cheap plastic ones and now I have the ones with the rollers on top. Love them except they do wear out. I have a couple that don't stay shut and when I wash the shower curtain and have to take the entire thing down it makes a mess. I need to purchase new ones. Overall I am so much happier with these over the cheap ones. Plus they look nicer.

tootie said...

I have a "hookless" shower curtain, and I LOVE it! (It's the one where the "hooks" are built into the shower curtain, so there's no way they fall off.)

I found mine at Wal-Mart, and I think it was around $19. Well worth it!

CanCan said...

We call those toilets "squatty potties". I have many humorous stories centered around the squatty.

*carrie* said...


Such a timely post. I just had to take our old shower curtain down to wash it, and the rings drove me nuts. Our new shower is a stall with a door, so that's one less thing to worry about!