Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sand, Sand Everywhere!

We went to the beach today. It took less than an hour to be out in the warm sun (85 and sunny!) from our front door to our rented lounge chairs. We all loaded up on sunscreen so Love Bug just has a very light color... yeah, no burn! B and I weren't so lucky... we were so worried about Love Bug's skin that we did our sunscreen very quickly and left out some spots. I have a weird red patch down my right leg and the tops of B's feet are like lobsters with toes. We also look like we're straight out of Braveheart with crazy red streaks all over our faces. Our backs are fine (which we did for each other), so at least we know that we still care about each other, just not ourselves anymore!

We played in the sand, visited the playground on the beach, and ate some pizza for lunch. By the time we asked a friend who joined us what time it was, four hours had gone by and none of us had realized it! That was more than enough Vitamin D for one day, so we packed up and headed to the car.

Once we got home, I realized that the amazing childhood phenomenon of sand getting everywhere, extends as a Mom. You have to clean out everything once you arrive home and are no longer responsible for just your shoes and yourself. Sand not only shows up in weird places all over your swimsuits, it finds its way into pages of a book, crevices of every water bottle you have, and even ends up as a large pile of sand just inside your front door. I washed our towels and as the water was draining out after the first rinse cycle, I watched sand flow out of the washer and down the drain for what seemed like minutes! Our guest room/laundry room has a bathroom attached. Living in an old place, they installed the washer years later and have it draining in the tub of the bathroom. You can see everything that drains, which is normally just a few pieces of lint, not almost a cup of sand! I put the rest of our beach gear in that bathroom and plan to continue cleaning out tomorrow!

I have never noticed this problem when we've been at my Mom's condo in Florida and we've spent a lot of time there over the years. It's a vacation home, so I guess a little sand doesn't seem so gross there, but I need a better system of sand control. We love the beach, and with it only being an hour away, I'm sure we'll be there almost every weekend! Does anyone have any good ideas? Should I just keep everything we used today in one bag and designate that our beach bag, like my Mom does in Florda? Should I shake towels out more thoroughly once we get home and park in our garage? Any tips you have would be really helpful. We've never lived so close to the ocean before and I want to really enjoy it and not dread the clean up afterwards!


Nicol said...

I wish I could help but I live at least a 2 hour plane ride to the nearest ocean beach (all of our lake beaches aren't worth counting). Good luck! I hope you get a lot of responses. It would be nice to know for when we head off for summer vacation this year.

Sarah said...

Oh I how I wish we lived neat a beach but we don't. Actually I have never been to the ocean before so I am not much help. But out of the options you mentioned I think it would be a good idea to have a designated Beach bag. I hope you get some more responses!

tootie said...

How fun that you're so close to the beach!

I'm not the best person to give tips about keeping things sand-free. In fact, I found quite a bit of sand in our suitcases after our Hawaii trip!

bren j. said...

A beach bag that's mesh or some other breathable fabric is great for damp towels to air dry a little on the drive home. Then when you shake them out - since they're not so wet - the sand doesn't stick to them as much and out comes more sand.

Oh to live near a beach again. How nice for you!

Susan said...

Oh, we are 2 1/2 hours from the beach. How fun! Looks like you got the great tip from the comment above.