Thursday, May 8, 2008

Diaper decisions...

As I told you a few months ago, I've been unable to use the more biodegradable diapers at times, because I can't find them. Really I want to go one better anyway and start using cloth diapers or something similar. I've been researching cloth diapers for about a month and the maintenance (multiple washings) sounds pretty environmentally unfriendly! Nicol had a comment that mentioned gDi.apers- does anything use these or know about these? It seems that gDiapers, while expensive, are less work and better for the environment. Our toilets have a half flush option, so if that works, it may use less water too. Anyone have any other ideas?

Speaking of the environment, I got a great email from my friend Lynn with a great video to watch. You can check it out here. Eye opening stuff! Make sure you also check out the 10 recommendations for another way! I love all of them, but number 2 is my personal goal right now. We're down to one 13 gallon bag (medium trashcan) per week... yeah!


Sarah said...

There is a website
and you can buy biodegradable diapers on this site. They are the brand called Nature Baby Care they also sell wipes. I would check it out if you are interested, I have been thinking about going that route as well. I think this is a great alternative and you can have them shipped to you. I am sure they ship internationally.

As far a g-diapers go I have heard mix opinions some good some bad. They can be quite expensive I hear.

Good Luck choosing, it's not an easy task!

Nicol said...

Diapers are tricky! I want to do my part for the environment, but at the same time I do now what to paying a small fortune for diapers. I have a friend that currently uses the gdiapers and she loves them. The down side is that they cost more then the average diaper, but I love the thought that you are not throwing anything away! She did say that a down side that she found was that when her daughter was about a yr old, they would leak and she had to swtich. This is about the time (when my dd was 1 yr) that I was looking into them and decide to try it with the next.

Congrats on your trash! I would love to get down to that point. I need a larger can to collect recycling. That will encourage me to recycle more and toss less.

CanCan said...

I have been wanting to explore g-diapers as well.
You know seventh generation are cholrine free but they aren't actually more biodegradable than other diapers.
I wanted to invite you to come enter my blog giveaway at If the company has a problem with shipping to you in Italy (if you don't have a family contact in the states) I'll mail it. I know what it is like to be stuck at the ends of the earth.
The fun is beginning!

Jacquie said...

I'm sorry but I can't help you here. My bad I used Pampers all the way.

bren j. said...

We ordered the sample pack of GDiapers and loved them! The covers are so soft and feel like they would be really comfortable around little thighs. BUT, they were just too expensive to keep using - more than double the price of disposables. I have seen some covers on Ebay though.

We use cloth but we're not cloth diaper 'snobs'...on long trips or when we're leaving our girl with friends, we use disposables; it's nice to have a break. You might check out as they have a 'one-size' diaper option that would save having to buy more when you're ready to upsize.