Monday, June 9, 2008

Organizing our household keys... part 1

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Sometimes organizing your life means coming up with solutions that work best for you and your family. There aren't always tips for how to organize certain areas of your life, especially if they aren't common. For us, that is our keys... there are so many more keys to keep track of here.

We live in a typical European apartment, in the sense that it is very closed off, with doors into every room and even doors on each hallway. Each door has a key, an individual skeleton key (and yes, they're all different). I didn't want to leave each one in the doors, since Love Bug will eventually learn to turn them. If the door is closed, that also means she's locking them and potentially locking herself in as well. So, I took them out and was on a quest to find something that worked for us, for our keys.

I placed these hooks, high on the wall, in different areas of our house. Then, I tied pretty bows on each set of keys, and placed them on the hooks. The keys for the main part of the house- living room french doors, dining room door, kitchen door, etc. were hung by the phone in the front hall. The keys for all the bedrooms and the bedroom hallway are hung in our room. And each bathroom has it's own key hanging inside for additional privacy when using the toilet or shower.

Here are some examples:

I'll write more about the other things I did to organize our keys in a few days...


*carrie* said...


Wow--that's a lot of keys. Because our house is old, we have a couple skeleton keys, too!

Nicol said...

It would be so neat to have skelton keys. You know for the whole romantic effect. Our house is about 100 yrs old and the last owners took out all the doors that had the skelton keys. It was very sad.

Your ideas are great!