Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What are your quirks?

I know that everyone has quirks on how they like to have their house arranged, but I may have more than your average person. I'm pretty obsessed with organization and I love when my house is neat. Here are a few of my quirks or things that have to be just so:

  • I like the toilet paper to have the loose end over the top and hanging down in front. When my husband puts it on the other way, I try to ignore it, but usually end up turning it around at some point.
  • We have this boot tray and it drives me crazy when people just kick their shoes anywhere.
  • In my kitchen, when I empty the dishwasher I put the clean dishes and silverware on the bottom or in the back, so that everything gets even wear. (I know, I know... this one is particularly nutty.)
  • I keep all the doors in my house open (I close some now to aid in baby-proofing), but I like how open and flowing it feels. Europeans like their doors closed, especially in the bathrooms. They also do this in large multi-stall bathrooms, so it's really difficult sometimes to figure out which one is unoccupied!

I have more, but I don't want to scare you. Really... if I told you how I like to arrange my knick-knacks and pictures, you might have me committed.

What are your quirks? Anyone want to share some so I don't feel so strange? What about those who live outside of the US- any cultural quirks you notice?


Sarah said...

I don't know if you would call this a wierd quirk but it is something that drives me crazy! I can't stand it when my husband get water on the counters in the kitchen and bathroom! Mainly because he neverclean it up, but I think he is getting better at that. I really enjoy your blog!

*carrie* said...


I'd never thought of doing that with dishes, but I certainly do that with my towels. I'm the same way about tp--so funny!

Cheri said...

See, I'd keep turning the toilet paper the other way - you know, the RIGHT way? That's definately one of my quirks. Then there's the toothpaste thing - squeeze from the bottom and ALWAYS replace the lid (and please don't leave clumps of toothpaste in the sink!)

Nicol said...

You are a loop and then I relize that I am the same way! I do the same thing with the TP...any other way and it is on backwards. I agree with the dishes and silverware but I also do the same thing to my bath towels and other linens. They all need to get used about the same to reduce the wear and tear. I also like to have the doors open and it just can't be open partially it must be open all the way. I have had to relax a little with the bathroom door and my bedroom with with a "grabby-hand" toddler. I like the fring on the rug to all be straight. I can't stand it when it is all over the place.