Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Since when was politics a polite topic of conversation?

More and more these days I've been getting emails from friends and family with political content, mainly referring to the positive or negative qualities of one or more presidential candidates. Sometimes they are forwards about someones voting record, sometimes plugs for a group who needs my support for their cause (including voting for the candidate they support), and sometimes they are just personal pleas for me to vote one party over another.

Okay... someone please help me... when did politics become a polite or appropriate topic of conversation? I think the informality and impersonal nature of email makes people feel more comfortable to share their views. But I find it offensive, even when the candidate they are promoting is the one for whom I plan to cast my vote. I find it offensive simply because most of my friends know that I have strong opinions and I believe I have the right to those opinions. Do people honestly believe that I'll simply read some forward and say, "Oh, I'm going to switch parties right now and vote for this candidate!"? NO... most of us have our beliefs and that should be respected.

Is anyone else getting these emails? Does anyone else find them offensive? Any good ideas of how I could reply to stop these emails, but still be kind about it?

Sorry for the negative post today, but there is good news! We got the results of our nuchal fold screening today (which tests for Down Syndrome, chromosomal abnormalities, and some severe heart defects) and it's a very low risk. To get these results they combine your age, a measurement at the back of the baby's neck during ultrasound, and two different parameters in your blood. My risk was 1 in 1,500 with Love Bug, which is good, and with this baby it's 1 in 5,000, so even better. It's not full proof though, so they'll do a more detailed ultrasound at 22 weeks. We will, of course, accept any child God gives our family, but it's a good feeling that we are blessed with a seemingly healthy baby.


tootie said...

I agree with you. I was always taught to avoid talking about religion or politics (and especially not to try to convert someone!)

That is awesome that the test results came back favorable! I wish you all the best with your pregnancy!

Jacquie said...

Glad all is well with the new baby, how exciting is a new pregnancy.

*carrie* said...


Interesting you mentioned this today, because I just got one of those e-mails from a friend. Ironically, it's for a local candidate in a place I've never even lived!

debra said...

I get these emails - probably one or 2 from one friend - daily.  I know I should ask her to stop sending them but I just haven't done it.  Even though we share the same political views I find most of the things offensive.  It is just disrespectful -in my opinion. Congratualations on your pregnancy and the good test results.