Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Our Vatican Tour

We took a tour of the Vatican last week. The nice thing about living in cities like Paris and Rome is that you never feel pressured to see everything. I know I'll go back to the Vatican, so I can take my time, listen to the tour guide, and come back to anything I want to see again or check out in more detail.

Just a few pictures...

This is the Egyptian Obelisk out in front of St. Peter's Square. It was originally situated just behind the current location of the Vatican and was the site of St. Peter's crucifixion. He is buried just under St. Peter's Basilica.

A view of St. Peter's... this really doesn't give it justice. It is huge... the biggest church in the world. Seeing the altar from the back makes it look small, but if you walk further, the altar is so large that you can see the scale of everything. We'll definitely have to go back, look around more, and get a better picture, since the sun was in the front windows when I took this picture.
Our family behind the Vatican Museum, with the Roman fountains to the right. Love Bug is fast asleep (as she was for much of the tour) and you can see my big baby bump if you click to zoom. I wasn't showing at all with Love Bug by this point, but at 16 weeks, I'm huge already!
We had such a good time and loved our tour guide! Have any of you been to Rome? What was your favorite place here?


Jacquie said...

Awwww thanks for sharing your tour :-)

Baby bumps are so cute!

Susan said...

Lovely! Looks interesting. Never been to Rome, but have visited Venice, Sienna and Florence. Would like to go see Rome one day.

Do you know what is up with the Egyption Obelisk stuff in Europe? They have them in Berlin and Potsdam too.

Love Bug is so cute, and soo is your baby pooch:)

tootie said...

Great pics! It reminded me of our honeymoon.

I love the Sistine Chapel the best. I was totally in awe of how beautiful it was, and I could have spent hours there, just staring at the ceiling.

Congrats again on the baby bump :)