Saturday, April 19, 2008

House tour... part 3

This is part 3 of our house tour...

This is the living room, facing out towards the windows. I love the ottoman we bought to use as a coffee table- it's turned out to be perfect for toddling toddlers. (The black thing in the corner by the window is our treadmill.)

The other view of our living room, towards the dining room... I like that we have bookshelves on either side of the opening to the dining room.

Our TV cabinet with a view from the couch.

Our dining room... you can see Love Bug's little table and chairs at the front of the picture.

Some of our favorite family photos in the hallway...

and the other side of the hall, and more photos.

Our toy organizer... I love the colorful bins and how all the toys can be seen.

We put all of Love Bug's toys around the room on foam blocks, so that when she drops toys or balls, it won't bother the people downstairs.

Another toy on foam blocks. Here you can see our carpet too, and it covers most of the center of the room. It helps a lot with noise as well. For as many complaints as we have, our downstairs neighbor smiles at us, coos at Love Bug, and has never said a word.
That's about it!. You can see other parts of the tour by going to Part 1 or Part 2. I still have a few things to show you, like our foyer and pantry, and I'll get to taking those pictures one day soon!


tootie said...

Cute coffee table! Looks comfortable and practical, too.

Susan said...

Lovely! Very spacious too. Couldn't get a better coffee table than that.

*carrie* said...

Thanks for the tour, Abbey. I love your living room furniture--looks stylish and comfy.

I've never been to Rome and am enjoying taking a tour through your pix!