Tuesday, April 15, 2008

House Tour... part 2

I'm going to show you around our bedrooms today...

This is a view of our bed and dresser, with the balcony behind...

Our bed- at the foot of the bed is a t-shirt quilt that I made with all my t-shirts from high school and college. I'm working on quilts for my husband and my Mom (with my Dad's old shirts).

This is another view across the room with our wedding pictures above our dresser. You can also see our closets... a rarity in Europe... we feel very blessed to have these.

On to Love Bug's room... her dresser, crib, and changing table with all her star and moon themed decor.

A view from the other side of her dresser and armoire with a door out to a shared balcony with us. The rug you see has lots of little stars... some white, some yellow... the white ones glow in the dark!

The other side of Love Bug's room with our extra bed for when she's bigger and some toys...

She has too many clothes- it's ridiculous! At least the clothes hanging are 12 months to 3 years...

I bought the lamp myself and decorated it with moons and stars from the wall border that we bought to match her star and moon decor. We haven't hung the wall border here in case we move soon!

I added a few extra stars that I didn't need for her lamp, but had already cut out, to her lightswitch. Most of them look like this in Italy, so I figure I'll just pop it off the wall and change it with the switch plate in our new place.

Here's where we feel really blessed. We have another small (extra) room and we use it for our washer and dryer and a guest bed.

The other view with our washer and a small washroom in the back.

A picture from the bed with the dresser and armoire we've put in. We also have a dryer just next to the armoire. Again, it's great to have space for all this and we feel blessed. Apartments are expensive here and 2 bedrooms is all we can really do, but this extra "service" room that doesn't count as a bedroom is so nice to have!

We'll continue later this week with the living room and dining room!


*carrie* said...


What a lovely apartment. I think it's so neat you're making your mom a special quilt--what a thoughtful idea.

Jacquie said...

Your quilt idea is awesome! Oh to be so talented (he he I'm so not).

Your apartment is adorbale! It seems to be a great space. How have the neighbours above been?

Susan said...

Great Apartment. Are you guys settling in there for good, even with the neighbors? I hope it works out, looks like an idea place for your growing family.

tootie said...

Great place!

I love the t-shirt quilt. What a creative idea!