Thursday, April 17, 2008

Decisions and prayer

A few people asked, after my last part of the house tour, if we were planning to stay in this apartment. It's hard to say because finding something available any time soon is difficult, and we do feel very settled here. The noise has not improved, despite our complaints, but we've learned to adapt our schedule to it. I get up when they do and use a sound machine to fall asleep if they are still making noise at night. I wait for their cleaning woman to finish the back rooms, before Love Bug and I take our naps. Many people say I should just go up there and knock on the door with Love Bug in my arms, and maybe she would feel feel sympathy for me. This probably won't happen because I am not good with confrontation, and she is. I can hear her yelling all day... at her kids, at her husband, and even at the cleaning woman.

I pray for this situation to be resolved, but I also pray for them. Maybe if they have a more peaceful life, that will make our lives more peaceful as well. They get up so early, around 7:00, yet they seem to still be running around trying to leave at 9:00. Maybe that's a lack of organization and I can pray for a more peaceful house. Their younger son, who is only 4, has at least three tantrums, that last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, each day. That's over 2 hours of kicking and screaming most days. He goes to bed around 11:00 and is woken up at 7:00, so I pray for more sleep for him, because that should help. He's probably just very tired. I hear the older boy, who is 10, yell at or even wrestle with his brother, and I pray for his parents to change their aggression, so he can change these dangerous habits before it's too late.

I also pray for the husband and wife, that they have a more peaceful life as spouses, and as parents. Sometimes when the son is wrestling with the younger brother, and then the younger boy starts into a tantrum, I go to another room to get away. I hear her footsteps above me, far away from her children. I think she is trying to get away too and probably wonders how things got this way with her children. When I'm woken up by the couple's fighting, I pray that they can come to a resolution about their problems and sleep soundly with no conflicts on their heart. And with as unfortunately loud as their intimate moments are, I'm sad to say I've only heard this once in the last three months. I find this such an important and joyful part of our marriage and I pray they can find joy and connection here too... just maybe with less vocalization.

So, no, I have no idea if we're here for good. But no matter what, please continue to pray for a resolution for us and for a more peaceful life for them.


Jacquie said...

You are such a kind, caring person!

I hope your neighbors finds some peace in their lives. It sounds like things are tough for them right now.

Susan said...

Wow! You will probaby never know what impact you are having. Your patience is amazing!