Saturday, March 15, 2008

That's love...

Me: Honey, I love you a lot.
B (my husband): Now how to I know that? (In a joking tone.)
Me: I would've booked a flight a long time ago to take Love Bug home until our search for a new place was over and we were moved.
B: What do you mean?
Me: You've heard how loud they are upstairs. You're the only reason I'm staying... now, that's love.
B: (laughing)

So, no, the neighbors have shown no improvement and it now seems that it will be someone else's problem in a few months. We will be getting out of our rental and into another place once we find something that we like (while investigating the noise level thoroughly). We've talked to a lot of people, both Italian and American and all have agreed that this is not a good fit for a stay-at-home Mom with young kids. Wearing their hard shoes on hard wood floors just doesn't work when we need nap times, and neither do their hours: roughly 7:30 am to 1 am the next night. They wake me up and my husband up (and he is a very heavy sleeper) around 7:45 am every morning and if we can manage to get to bed before they come back there, we can get in about an hour or two before they wake us up with their fighting and/or other (intimate) activities that I care not to talk about.

In happier news, the Rome marathon is tomorrow. My husband is all ready for his first marathon. He's got his energy packs and bib (number) laid out with his clothes, warm-up suit, band-aids, and vase.line. He's got spiffy new red shoes that he's been breaking in, so we should be able to find him by looking for the shoes. Given how long Love Bug can last at these types of things, we're going to head over to one part of the course at noon tomorrow to see him around mile 20, then at mile 22-23, and then the finish, mile 26.2. Pray for him and think happy and fast thoughts for him tomorrow!


tootie said...

So sorry the neighbors are still noisy! Hope you find a great, new place.

I will definitely say a prayer for your husband! Please keep us posted on how it goes! (And I'd love to hear any marathon tips from your husband, if he has any. I'm still training for mine, and I need all the tips I can get ;)

Susan said...

So sorry about that horrible mess! Glad you are able to get out of the contract and find a peaceful home.

B is running a marathon!! Goodluck! I will be running my itsy bitsy half marathon in a few weeks. Will be thinking of him, cannot wait to hear how it goes.