Monday, March 3, 2008

Help... Really Loud Neighbors!

Please help us! We love our new place, but have found our upstairs neighbors almost impossible to live under. Keeping in mind that we have all hardwood or marble floors in our building, here is what we hear daily from their place:

7:30 am- They are getting ready, drawers slamming, dropping things.

8:15 am- They all put on hard-soled shoes and continue to wear them until they leave an hour later.

Around 9:30 am- The cleaning lady arrives and proceeds to clean the whole house for the next three hours, moving furniture with LOUD scraping, vacuuming under it, and then moving it back. She comes every day... Monday to Friday.

Noon - 2:00 pm- The family comes home for lunch and we have a chorus of chairs scraping and kids running up and down the halls in hard shoes.

2:00 - 4:00 pm- This is supposed to be a mandatory rest period every afternoon and the kids are fortunately back at school, but the Mother is often loud.

5:00 pm- The kids arrive home and proceed to run up and down the halls for two hours.

10:00 pm- The kids running before bed, sometimes waking Love Bug up in the process. When confronted about late nights they claim to always put their children in bed by 9:30 or earlier... ha ha.

1:00 am (or 2:00 am on weekends)- Dad stomps around for 15 to 30 minutes before getting in bed.

Not only is this difficult to deal with, since we would prefer a nice long stretch of 10 hours to sleep at night, but it also cuts into Love Bugs naps on many days. The constant noise is an assault on my ears, but can also make life difficult for a stay-at-home Mom. So, given this level of noise, we finally complained and someone from the building management called the neighbors for us. Their response was that they were sorry and would try to be better.

Our hopes were quickly dashed! Around midnight we heard something coming from our bedroom as we headed off to bed. They were fighting above our bedroom... loudly... really loudly. Also, to our surprise, there was a third voice other than Mom and Dad (we have also heard them at 9 or 10 pm)... it was there older son, who is ten years old. Ten... yes, TEN! Not only were they fighting with a ten year old, but it continued until after 2 am. Let me assure you that pigs will be flying in a frozen hell before I am ever going to fight with my ten year old. I will be a fair Mom, yet, the dictator of my house, none the less. So, this explains the constant running by their other child, a four year old boy... they clearly have no control over either of them.

We are hoping to move to another place in a few months and have started looking, but until then what do I do? Any advice on how to handle this? How to muffle some of the sounds? How to ignore it and sleep anyway?

I also need advice on how to handle my own anger over the situation. Don't be too worried, because I'm pretty intimidated by them (their fighting and loudness makes them seem very confrontational and scary) and I'm not the type to confront someone or start a fight. I just need your prayers for forgiveness. The noise makes me mad and I sometimes treat my family badly because of my anger. I also don't play with Love Bug as much when we have a bad night and I'm tired. While I'm angry at them for being so loud, I can't help but feel angry at myself for letting them ruin my home life.


tootie said...

My husband and I started sleeping with a floor fan on (turned on the highest setting) to drown out any noise. It worked!

In fact, though we don't have any noisy neighbors now, we still use it muffle any sounds that might disturb us during our sleep.

Hope that helps!

Susan said...

Oh boy. I had a situation like that, it was horrible. It is a tense situation 24 hours and takes away any enjoyment of home. I am sorry! I hope the fan suggestions help. I have no good advice at this time.

Jacquie said...

That is frustrating. I have no help tips as we were always the ones living atop people, however we were very considerate.

I would give the fan running a try.

Hope the problem is resolved as that is just unfair to you guys.

Cheri said...

Ummm - I think we're the noisy neighbors in our duplex here. We have a child - they don't.

However, she wears heels all over the house, and we can definately here them. Then there's the exercising on the treadmill at all hours of the night...

Maybe you'll get used to it - kinda like living next to the train station?
Ya know, I have no advice. None, except praying God will change you're heart. HE'S the miracle worker!