Monday, March 17, 2008

The 2008 Rome Marathon

Here are some pictures of the Marathon. For more info about my husband's time, etc. see my post from yesterday.

One of the arches over the raceway... at kilometer 36.

Our cheering group poses for a picture... Love Bug and I are in the bottom left.

Here he comes!

Finish at Piazza Venezio and around the Colosseum.

This man was running near my husband the whole race. Every time we saw him the whole cheering crew would yell, "Go, Caesar, Go!"

The Marathon Man with his medal.

After the race... Love Bug is distracted, but we're both very proud of him!


*carrie* said...

That is so cool--and quite the scenery!

My dad is training for an ultra-marathon (32 miles--he's crazy!) next month and we hope to go to CO to surprise him!

Susan said...

Cool! Around the colloseum!. Tell him to come up and run the Berlin Marathon in Sept. It is one of the flattest courses to run.