Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Works-for-me-Wednesday: Great cake idea

I can't take actual credit for this idea... it's not mine. But I use it a lot and have found it so useful, so I had to pass it on.

This idea is based off the fact that I often use a mix to make my cakes and then make the icing myself. It still has a homemade taste, and requires a lot less work! As I'm mixing up the cake mix, I keep just a few pinches of the powder mix in the bag. I save it until I'm ready to pour the batter into the pan(s). I use butter or butter-flavored Cri.sco to coat the pan first and then I sprinkle the leftover cake mix powder around the bowl. When it's done baking, the cake slips out of the pan(s) so easily, but has none of that ugly white residue from the flour.

I do have one homemade cake recipe that I use occasionally. It is for a chocolate cake, so since I don't have a cake mix, I use cocoa powder. As for what to use with vanilla cake, carrot cake, or spices cakes, I don't have a secret yet. Anyone have ideas for that?
Using cake mix as a flour substitute works for me! Visit Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer for more great ideas!


Annikke said...

I sue sugar to coat the pans so you don't get that yucky white floury residue.

Annikke said...

**I meant USE..... sheesh, I need spellcheck! Sorry

Heart of Wisdom said...

I like that guys are just so full of awesome ideas.

Susan said...

MMMM. Good idea, I will have to try it!

tootie said...

Good idea! I need to give that a try.

Thanks! :)