Friday, February 1, 2008

Look at me... I'm getting greener!

I forgot about one of my favorite ways to be greener and I didn't include it in my post about reducing household waste. Many companies are now offering e-bills or ways to get all your correspondence online. We have done this with most of our accounts and it's saved us a huge hassle and is saving trees as we speak. Go switch to e-bills today! But, please make sure you have 128-bit encryption on your browser, good firewalls, and rotate your passwords monthly (this is my computer-geek husband talking). Thank you to Carrie because we've been "trash talking" via email and it keeps me thinking of new great ideas! ("Trash talking" was Carrie's genius description of our correspondence!)

Want to go one better? If you have a card or account with cit.iba.nk, you can change to e-bills and they will plant a tree for each account that is switched. I read about this online today and it looks like a great program. G0 here to check it out...

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*carrie* said...

Great ideas, Abbey!