Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

I'm 29 today... and I don't think I like it. Late twenties almost sounds worse than thirty when you say it. Thirty has a nice ring, but late anything just sounds like you're old and slow.

Oh, and go wish a Happy Birthday to my "Birthday Twin". (I love that expression, Carrie!)

Speaking of being slow, what is wrong with my spell check? Does anyone else have a problem with it not working? I click the button and it doesn't do anything. Any advice is appreciated...

If i speall evrythang rong, pleez forgive mee.


Cheri said...

My spell checker hasn't worked in AGES. Then again, it checks for italian spelling, so it wasn't much help anyway!

Has it stopped raining there? It was gorgeous here yesterday. Oh - and we're staying in Italy for another 18 months - just to keep you updated!

*carrie* said...

How did I remember it was your birthday today?! =)

Hope it's special!

I agree--I liked the sound of 28, but 29 doesn't seem quite as appealing.

Mom2fur said...

Well, Happy Birthday! Wow, you are so young. I'm going to be 52 tomorrow!
Can't help you with spell check, except to say I like the way you spellee everything in the last paragraph "FO-NET-ICK-A-LEE."

Enjoy your day!

Jacquie said...

Happy Birthday!! Us January babies rock don't we ;-)

My spell check wokrs great, it's the inserting links I can't do LOL.

Susan said...

Happy Birthday!! The best is yet to come:) I don't know why 29 felt so negative. I guess it was close to the next decade. Little did I know that my 30s would be even better.

*carrie* said...


Hope you had a great day. Thanks for the e-card!