Friday, December 7, 2007

Why I Hate Cell Phones

Do you remember my 100 things? If you remember it at all, number 51 is that I hate cell phones. I only borrow my husband's when I'm driving a long distance and want to make sure I can call a tow truck if I have any problems. I never want one, but I will concede one day so my children can get ahold of me. They will not have one themselves, but I want to make sure they can always call me if they need anything.

So, someone asked me, why do you hate cell phones so much? Hate is a strong word. Saything that I dislike cell phones would be more accurate.

Well, it started four years ago. I had a cell phone in the US and boy, did I love it. My commute was long and I talked to everyone on my way home. Once I got to France, you had to have a bank account and a resident card to get a phone. We wouldn't get a resident card for a few months, so we just sat back and tried to live without cell phones.

We quickly found out we loved it. We loved that we could go on vacation, go sight-seeing, go to dinner, and never be bothered again. We weren't embarrassed in the movies or at church, because it wasn't our cell phone ringing. We could live life, really live, uninterrupted. We have so many distractions and our lives are so busy, but we deserve some time away. I see many of my friends' spouses with mobiles/blackberries working on evenings, weekends, and vacations. It makes me sad that they already spend 50+ hours at work, and only come home or go on vacation to work some more. Our cell free life has influenced us to make a "no work at home" rule in our house.

Now, I notice people who talk on them. Many are respectful of when they use them and seem to maintain respect for the environment around them, but not all people are like this. A few people have almost run me over when I cross the road. A few talk so loud at the table next to me that I can't hear myself think. One woman even answered her phone when I was trying to use the bathroom in the very next stall.

I would love to say, at a moment like that, "Excuse me, can you please hang your phone up so whoever you're talking to won't hear me pee?"

But I would never do that... because I DO have respect for those around me, and I want to set a good example for Love Bug. Not by judging others, but by behaving in the way that I think is appropriate.

Unfortunately, I don't think throwing some one's cell phone down the commode would be considered appropriate. I just wish that small percentage who acted disrespectfully with their cell phones would stop using them everywhere. Some places, like church, quiet restaurants, and bathrooms just aren't a place to talk on the phone.


Jacquie said...

We had cell phones for awhile and got rid of them. I enjoy it so much more. Although there are times when I'm out during the day when my older girls are at school that I wish I still had one, you know to stop the wondering of "what if the school called?" LOL.

carrie said...


We don't have a cell phone and sometimes feel like the only people around us that don't. My husband feels more strongly about it than I do, but we have talked about getting a Tracfone for traveling and when I'm out alone or with my son.

Anonymous said...

You are not alone. We have never had cellphones. If I am out, I don't want to be reached. I have yet to encounter any situation where the application of brain cells cannot substitute for an electronic leash.