Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Top Ten...

... cultural issues after moving back to the United States.

10. We stare at the TV with a blank stare and say, "Cable is very overwhelming- there are so many channels!"

9. Instead of hugs, we try to kiss everyone on both cheeks.

8. Wanting to weigh my own produce and bag my own groceries at the store.

7. Honking the horn and then remembering that it's rude here!

6. Walking to the bank, then to lunch, and people saying, "you walked THAT far!"

5. Saying excusez-moi in a stupid French accent after bumping into someone.

4. Looking for a flush button on the top of the toilet.

3. Obsessively checking the sidewalks for signs of dog dirt.

2. Using too many phrases like "come round my house", "bloody", and "snarky" before realizing all the friends you saw daily were British.

1. Finally asking what Webkinz were at the mall yesterday since everyone else seems to know.

This could be a homage to Dave Lett.erman, but I'm not that funny. But there is something funny about this list... that after 85 days in the United States I still do most of this stuff! Oh well, on to Italy in three and a half weeks to learn more ways to be culturally confused.

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carrie said...

Funny list, Abbey! Reminds of Bill Bryson's book I'm a Stranger Here Myself. It's hilarious--he was born in the U.S. (Iowa, in fact!) and lived in England for many years. The book is an account of his reverse cultural shock. He can be somewhat crude, but you might enjoy the topic since you can relate!