Sunday, December 2, 2007

Cozy Swap

A few weeks ago I participated in the Cozy Shoebox Swap, organized by Carrie and Monica. I have finally had internet access and the chance to get my husband to download some pictures for me. So here it is... what I received from my wonderful swap partner Kimberlee!

She sent some warm cozy slippers (in lavender, my favorite color), and some gloves. A cookie recipe book, and another recipe of her own, which is perfect, since we usually (not this year in our nomadic state) make cookies and breads to give as gifts to friends. A book for Love bug, a bunch of Mary Engelbreit (love her) journals, notepads, a pine candle, and a "Love, Faith, Hope" wall hanging. Finally, my favorites- some tea and cider mix, some homemade apple butter, and some nutcracker Christmas ornaments, since I collect nutcrackers. Whew! It was very full of wonderful things and so sweet of her!

To go see all the other wonderful swappers, click over to Carrie's blog here, and to see what I sent Kimberlee, check here! A special thanks to Carrie and Monica for organizing this, and a special thanks to Kimberlee also, for the wonderful swap goodies.

This last week we've been in Florida vacationing, which explains my lack of posts despite access to the internet! We'll be flying back to Washington, DC tonight, so please pray for us to have a safe flight. I'll post pictures of our time in Florida this week!


carrie said...


Glad you joined the swap--so much fun! That's great that you had a vacation in Florida--Love Bug is so well-traveled! Hope you have a safe flight tonight . . .

Susan said...

I am glad you got to be a part of a swap! How fun. Boy I am getting geared for JR's first big flight and drive. Cannot wait to see FL pictures. I am currently sitting in my freezing basement wrapped in a blankie with a winter cap on my head:)

Jacquie said...

I participated in a swap for the 1st time this year. So much fun! I got my package today, I need to do a post still.

Ahhhhh Florida, I am jealous! We are so very cold (-17C) and we have lots of snow. It took me 1.5 hrs to shovel UGH. Ok I am done venting LOL.

LOL @ Susan there are times I need to be doing that.

Hope the flight goes well.