Monday, December 3, 2007

The Christmas Version of Seven Things...

I saw this posted on Carrie's blog (I seem to get a lot of inspiration from her, so go check it out if you haven't yet...) and wanted to join in!

1. My favorite thing about the holidays is music... some favorites if you'd like to check them out are Josh Gro.ban's Noel (Angels We Have Heard on High is my favorite on this album) and James Tayl.or at Christmas (Some Children See Him is my favorite song here).

2. I collect nutcrackers and Nutcracker themed items. I have some music boxes, books, a blanket and... at one time, 72 nutcrackers. After losing some to a basement flooding, and acquiring more, I'd guess I have around 50.

3. My husband and I make cookies for our friends every year. To make sure we have enough for everyone, we make a total of about 30 dozen cookies.

4. I love to lay under the tree and look up through the branches at all the lights and ornaments.

5. We always open two gifts on Christmas Eve... winter/Christmas pajamas and a new ornament.

6. I was always the first one awake on Christmas morning when I was a kid.

7. I have rarely seen snow on Christmas and it's my dream to live a few years in a place where it snows every Christmas.

I tag anyone who wants to participate!

A question regarding this post... any suggestions as to what Love Bug could collect? I collect Nutcrackers and my Mom collects nativity scenes. I think all kids should have a collection and a Christmas theme seems to work for our family... any ideas? Of course, we won't start until she's a little older, but it would be fun to start thinking of ideas now to help her find something she likes...


Cheri said...

The Boy collects everything he sees at least for a while. He collected buttons, and has seeral hundred. Now we just cart them along with each move.

He also collects Pokemon cards - which annoys my husband and I to no end.

Real stuff? Meaningful stuff? he's not there yet. I think the haphazard collecting may be more of a boy thing. Collections with meaning? Nah, not for him!

carrie said...


I enjoyed reading your list. We have the JT Christmas CD as well. I'll think of you now when I hear that song!

We never opened any gifts on Christmas Eve. I remember on more than one occasion trying to convince my parents it would be a good new tradition!

Hmm, my only thought was snowglobes for a new collection.

Jacquie said...

Hmmm how about angels or my personal favorite snowmen/woman/babies?

As kids we always bugged to open presents on Christmas Eve, my parents fixed that by giving us p.j's to open. My girls get the same.

Anonymous said...

My favorite thing about Christmas is getting cards from everyone. I love getting mail. This next year I found the cutest stationary cards with our pics on them. They were on They had lots of other cute stuff too. Hope you all have a wonderful year. Love bug is adorable.