Thursday, November 8, 2007

I'm a big wimpy Mommy...

We've had an exciting week! Love Bug turned one on Tuesday and we got her pictures taken. They provided us a CD of the pictures and here are a few of my favorite shots. They were done at Se.ars and I was really happy with them, especially the fact that we get to keep the CD and print as many pictures from it as we want.

That night we did a few presents and had a little cake. She ate her piece pretty quickly and by the end, was leaning back in her high chair with a very content expression on her face. Every once in awhile she'd sit up and search for a substantial piece of cake to pick up and eat. The cute and crazy things she does seem to be never ending!
Wednesday things went downhill a little... we've both had colds the last week. She seemed fine by last weekend, but poor Mommy (me) was getting worse. We went to the Min.ute Clin.ic with C.VS... and it was great! The nurse saw me right away and said it looked like the cold had become bronchitis. She prescribed a mild antibiotic since I had a fever and sent me on my way. I only had to pay the usual co-pay and it was so much easier, especially since my prescription was ready in minutes just on the other side of the store!
Today was definitely a bad medical experience. Love Bug had her one year check-up. She's healthy and did fine with all her vaccines. But then they sent us over for some blood tests and this is where my personal nightmare started! Stop reading now if you are afraid of needles, or get sick at the sight of blood! They fished around in one arm and couldn't find a vein. They were finally successful in the other arm, but it hurt my heart to hear her cry so much. I breastfed her afterwards and she was calm and smiling again right away. Mommy was not so lucky. I was sweating, my back was completely drenched, and my heart was racing. I'm usually so calm, because I know it helps her stay calm, but so far we've only had vaccines and she never cries for those. Now I know to be much more prepared for a blood draw if we ever need one again. I met a Mom on the way out who commiserated and said for her son's one year appointment they ended up going to the feet since they couldn't find a vein in either arm. I should be thankful for small blessings, I guess!
I'm forming some interesting opinions about socialized health care, like in France, verses what we have here, with insurance companies. This will be a post for another day, but stay tuned, because I think you'll be interested in what I have to say.


K in the Mirror said...

I LOVE that dress in the second picture. My daughter has it too. :)

So sorry about the needles!

I'm very interested to hear what you have to say about the health care.

Jacquie said...

Happy 1st Birthday to your LoveBug! I love Sear pics too, the numbers always reel me in LOL. She is a cutie!

Susan said...

I love her sitting on the 1, great idea. Ohhh, goodness I would freak out with the blood test. Why in the world do they need to draw blood from a perfectly healthy one year old? I swear the medical people do that fishing for something just to make money.

I would love to hear what you say about the health system between France and US.

I am so glad you are still breastfeeding. I was unable to anymore, I am really sad about it.

carrie said...

Loved the pix of C! I just made an app't to have our son's pix taken at JCP.

We all got flu shots yesterday and it was horrible hearing N's reaction!

Hope you enjoyed the b-day celebration--what a milestone for all of you.