Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Works-For-Me-Wednesday Backwards: Using a Cup & Recommended Shoes

Instead of giving advice, we can ask for some... I love it! My daughter is almost 11 months old, so I wanted to get a little advice while I can!

Using a Cup

My daughter is still breastfeeding and we'll probably keep doing this for at least a few more months. I hope to get her to use a sippy cup at some point, but she just wants to chew on it right now. Love Bug is really attached to breastfeeding, so I probably won't rush her to stop. At what point did most people start trying to use a regular cup? Has anyone gone straight from the breast to the cup? We're not afraid of spills... it's how they learn.


Love Bug just took her first steps, so I'm guessing that she'll soon be running around the house at full speed. This means that she'll need shoes when we go outside or to a place with a public, dirty floor. I know everyone loves Rob.eez (I do too) but they can get expensive. What other types of shoes work best when they have to walk around outside or in a public place?

Thanks for any help you can offer! Want to help someone else? Stop by Works-For-Me-Wednesday, hosted by Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer.


Jeni Allen said...

Hi! My daughter is one, and has been walking since 10 months, so we've tried a bunch of different shoes. One of my favorite pairs is from Target. It's an Osh Kosh mary-jane style tennis shoe. It's got good support, is durable, and is easy to get on (and get to STAY on).

You can find it on the Target website under "prewalk" shoes, but they're definitely made for walkin'.

Katz said...

we had to bite the bullet and go to stride rite when my son started walking. he has big, wide feet.

Katrina said...

Neither of my boys would use sippy cups -- they just couldn't get the whole tilt-back thing. So we used straw-cups. They are not quite as spill-proof as the sippies, but they're still pretty good. So that's something to try if the sippy cup doesn't seem to work.

As for shoes, I get my kids one good Striderite pair when they start walking... but then I end up switching to Target or Payless once their walking is well-established.

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Sippy cups with handles worked well for us at first. She pretty much went from breast to cup, although she did have the occasional bottle. My daughter's four now and I still make her use a cup with a lid and straw if we're on carpet or out someplace.

Jessica said...

The avent bottles (if you have them) have the sippy cup lids that can go on top of the bottle so it kindof tricks them a little. But, we were big fans of the straw cups, as well. There is a pretty good cup at WalMart that has Elmo and Sesame Street characters that is pretty spill proof but we only let her use that one while she is sitting at the table.

Cheri said...

We too, were huge Stride Rite fans, and also because The Boy had fat feet. They were the onlythings that fit him - we couldn't even get those on his feet until 13 months! Before that was a little pair of moccasins - he needed SOMETHING when we visited family in Wisconsin in November!

Ah, sippy cups. I remember those days. We didn't have many choices but I did find a cup earlyon that transitioned - there was a nipple, then the sippy cup spout - the cup itself had handles. I'm not sure what will work best for your daughter with breast feeding. Just try a bunch out - borrow from friends... See what works FOR YOUR FAMILY!

TwoMuths said...

My son is 14 months, and did the same thing with his sippy cups - we went with the straw cups as well and he just loves them. Now if I can just get him to drink milk out of it we will be all set. :-)

I love soft soled shoes for him at this stage!

carrie said...


I was glad to read these suggestions that are also timely for us. We actually started a sippy cup at 8 months. At first, it had the no-spill valve in it and he couldn't get the hang of it so I took it out for awhile and we've just started again. Our cups don't have handles so it is harder for him to hold them. They were a gift, and I've just felt too unsure of what else to buy with all the options out there!

I recently found some snow boots for this season at a garage sale, but I need to buy some regular shoes!

He loves drinking from water bottles, too, but I hold that and just tip it back a little.

Midsummer Night said...

Cups: We went straight to regular cups. No sippy cups or straws. I think we started my younger son on them at about ten months? By eleven or twelve months he had it down with no problem. I think my cousin started hers much earlier, 7 or 8 months I think. I just recall seeing her ten month old drink from a cup without spilling. It was cute. My older son did have more coordination issues though and the no spilling thing took a lot longer. So every baby is different, but they can learn early!

Leigh said...

Thanks so much for your kind and thoughtful comment – I appreciate it so much.

I loved your 100 things by the way - you are going to love this blog

I lurk there :)

MommyK said...

My son got the hang of the sippy cup around 9 months, but my breastfed daughter suddenly refused to take a bottle from anyone at 6 months, so she went to the cup. You just have to stick with it and they'll eventually get it. Both mine hated cups with handles. My daughte's favorites are the no valve First Years Take N Toss cups. I like how easy they are to clean.

As for shoes, we have a stride rite outlet and I buy most of my son's shoes from there because they fit the best. The outlet prices are 50-75% off the retail costs.

Thanks for your visit to my blog yesterday!

Jacquie said...

With Jillian we didn't even do sippy cups. We went straight to the cups with straws. When she had her 1st dental check up they suggested this was the best thing for her teeth. I was amzed I have to say when I handed her the straw bam she new what to do, she was I think 10-11 months old.

Kris said...

cup: I was afraid of spills but I started my daughter recently, at age two. Now at most meals I have her use a cup. She now asks for me to take her shirt off before she starts drinking, because she always gets some on her shirt. :)

shoes: I got some imitation Robeez at Target. Then I got some used Striderites at the local thrift shop.