Monday, October 15, 2007

Trying to ween?

So, I think I explained in my last post that I was told after my pregnancy, that these two small pockets of gum disease I had, have progressed to the stage where a dentist would refer you to a periodontist for some possible procedure, etc. They're right on the borderline of what a dentist could treat, but my dentist in France thought I'd be better off with a periodontist. I decided to have the work done here because my husband had such a bad experience getting his wisdom teeth removed and I have no wish to live through that myself.
Well, I ran into a friend of my Mom's, who is a dentist. I mentioned this in passing and she said she'd be happy to give me her opinion if I could tell her more about my case. So we spoke and she said I'd be a great candidate for this antibiotic that they put right into the infected areas. Your body absorbs the medicine and in theory, it should stop the gum disease and actually reduce the size of the infected area, making it treatable. Sounds great, huh?
Well, I wanted to know more about this antibiotic, so I went online to consult Dr. Google. And wouldn't you know it... you can't use it when breastfeeding! I was so bummed and thought oh, well... so much for a simple cure and possibly avoiding surgery. My Mom's friend didn't even think to ask, because most people assume you're done nursing by the time your baby is 11 months old.
I was relaying my disappointment to a friend. She looked at me like I was stupid and she told me to just start weening right away. Am I the only one who thinks this is crazy, if not impossible? I'd have to ween her completely in just a week or two because they'd have to do it soon so they could follow up once or twice before I leave after Christmas. You can't nurse at all with this medicine, so I couldn't even leave a feed or two. It's not a guarantee and sometimes doesn't work, so I may still need surgery in another month anyway, even if I tried it. I don't really want to stop nursing Love Bug anyway and I planned to start weening in a few weeks when she turns one, but I was thinking it would be a gradual process. I thought it could take a few months, from what other Moms have said. I've heard of mothers who have had to ween overnight, or within a week, but that was women who were diagnosed with cancer and needed major surgery or treatment... not two small pockets of gum disease! It just seems unfair to Love Bug too and will be yet another upheaval in her already crazy life.
Isn't it a bit ridiculous to try to ween in just a few weeks for something that my not even work? Should I just continue with my plan to try to ween her gradually over a few months once she turns one? Or am I being a "nursing" martyr? The surgery/procedure, although minor (I'd be awake), will still be expensive, probably more so than the medicine. What do you all think?


Susan said...

Oh boy. I want to nurse until first birthday, my husband would like it before our US trip. Golly, I don't think anyone could answer this for you. You are not crazy. Maybe you could call your mom's friend and see if there is breastfeeding friendly antibiotic? Is there such a thing?

Kelli in the Mirror said...

It's possible to wean cold turkey- but it isn't so pleasant. My daughter followed me around for three days and I couldn't sit down without her crawling up in my lap and trying to get under my shirt.

It only took about three days before she got it though. My personal opinion is that if you were planning to wean her soon anyway, it would be worth it to maybe not have surgery. But that's just me.

carrie said...

Oh, Abbey! What a difficult decision!

I have been thinking about the weaning process as well. I would like to nurse until N's first birthday, possibly continuing just the nighttime feeding.

Although I disliked nursing at first because of the PAIN and the lack of "freedom" in my schedule, I've come to really cherish it as quiet, bonding time.

What's your gut feeling? What does B think? I agree w/ Susan--it might be worth looking into another option. It would be so great if it worked, but so frustrating if you gave up nursing sooner than planned AND still had to have surgery. I will pray for wisdom for you!