Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Long time, no blog

I'm here! We've been travelling across country the past few days and are finally feeling settled at my Mom's. B is staying behind in DC to finish preparing for our new post in Rome, but I've come out to the Chicago area to stay with my Mom. We just thought it would be better for Love Bug to have a more stable environment. The hotel was cramped and didn't give her enough room to play. Now she has her own room with a crib, changing table, toys, and clothes all put away in the closet... it's great. I love having a nice house to roam around in with sidewalks and parks down the street. It's so much fun to live a normal life for awhile.
The last two weeks in DC were pretty good, despite living out of a suitcase. We all had physicals, got shots, and have a just a few more "medical" things to line up. I need to go to the eye doctor and get new glasses- and maybe even prescription sunglasses if my regular glasses don't need to be replaced. I also need a cleaning at the dentist and have two pockets of gum disease that need minor surgery. They had told me about them before I had Love Bug, but apparently they got much worse during the pregnancy. Ah... the joys of motherhood. At least I didn't get a few new cavities like so many other friends did during their pregnancies.
We also checked on our house, since we still own one outside Annapolis and it's being rented out. We had the doors replaced because they were starting to rot and put storm doors on to prevent that from happening again. We also got the deck power washed and stained. We drove by last week and it looks really good. The management company has said that he keeps it really nice inside. Good to hear that!
Other than that, we just have some financial stuff to handle. Checking in on all our insurance policies and investments is important. Some changes have to be signed on, which is much easier while we're back in the US. I do need help with two aspects of our financial planning. We need to start a 529 plan or some other college savings plan for Love Bug. Anyone enrolled in one they really like? We're thinking about Virginia. Also, we need to re-evaluate the groups we regularly donate money to each year. We mainly give money to our church right now, but most of that goes to running the parish. I also do Chemo Angels and the usual donations of clothes/food to different groups. Does anyone have a cause that is easy to give to and very worthwhile?
Hope you can help with both those things... and I'll work at catching up on Google reader. I can't wait to hear what you've all been up to!


Cheri said...

Glad you guys found a place to unwind during the stressful transfer process!

This past year, we've linked up with some missionaries who work through Greater Europe Mission ( Did you realize over 750 million people live in Europe, and in most countries less than 1% are evangelical Christians?

We donate automatically to a certain mission couple (, but I think you can also donate to gemissions in general.
Check them out and see what you think!

Susan said...

Sounds good to have a stable place for LoveBug and yourself. I am sure that is extra special for your mom too. Hope you get everything done! Just got back from my mini vacation.

carrie said...


Glad you've made it to your mom's--I hope you'll have a wonderful stay.

My husband does financial advising "on the side" and prefers Roth IRA's to traditional 529 plans. If you want more info, e-mail me and I'll pass your message on to him.

As for donations, we usually just give to people/charities we know well.