Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ingredients for a Fun Weekend!

First, my Dad's Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins came to Chicago to see us today! I'm so excited to have them here. One cousin is married and has two kids so we are planning a fun outing in the city tomorrow. The American Girl Store is one of the things on our list. This weekend, we also hope to visit the Zoo, go to a Halloween Dinner with a Hayride, and watch football in front of the fireplace with our bowls of my Mom's homemade white chili. (I'll try to get the recipe out there for those who'd like to try it.)
I saw the endodontist today, who said my tooth is fine and I don't need a root canal. I can enjoy my weekend instead of worrying about some scary procedure on Monday.
B is coming tomorrow and Love Bug and I can't wait to see him! He is also bringing our laptop so I can add some pictures to my sad little blog, since my card doesn't fit in my Mom's digital reader.
And finally, Carrie tagged me for a fun meme... I'll do that this weekend. I've never been tagged before and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!


Susan said...

Oh, I am glad all is good. Would love to visit the American Girl Museum. Also the chili sounds yummy! Enjoy

carrie said...


Have a great time! My mom's flying in today to visit us so I'm excited about my weekend, too!

Cheri said...

Hey girl - I hope you weren't tagged with the same 10, 20, 30 meme I tagged you with! Stop over and join in the fun!

Cheri said...

You know - I keep going to reply to all the comments you leave at my site, and realized I don't have your email address!

Anywho - thanks for sending such comforting words just when I really seem to need them!

Leah in Iowa said...

I, for one, would love the recipe for White Chili!

And that's very good news about your tooth - no more worries about it! =)