Monday, October 22, 2007

Finally feeling better!

I ended up going to the ER for my post-pneum.ovax problems. I was still feeling pretty tired and my arm was red, burning hot, and swollen in one huge area. I was worried that it was some kind of infection, but (after 3 hours) the ER staff concluded that it was just a really bad reaction. I was given anti-histamines and told to rest. I really laughed when they said that... what Mom can ever rest? Especially with a husband away on business, staying in an unfamiliar house in a country I haven't lived in for 4 years, and a Mom who is working or playing paddle or having appointments, meetings, or church activities constantly? Yeah, I'm not getting much rest these days!
In other news, I went to see the dentist. I don't know what my dentist in Paris saw, but they don't see any of the gum disease problems he saw, just some gingivitis. They gave me some toothpaste and a special gum massager and sent me on my way. I need to have two fillings fixed in the next two weeks, which should be no big deal. They are also sending me to an endodontist just to "check" on a tooth that they feel has some suspicious activity under the deep fillings. I'm hoping I don't need a root canal, but if I do, at least I've had one before. They aren't that bad really and I hope it all goes well. Even if I need treatment, at least I know now before I leave for Rome and try to get pregnant again. My Mom keeps reassuring me that the dentist is just very cautious and she's been referred to the endodontist herself and had nothing wrong in the end.
We're surviving otherwise and trying to make the most of our time here, although I feel so busy and tired of all this medical stuff. I'm going to save my visit to the eye doctor and getting new glasses for our visit to B's parents in Ohio.
I'll be back soon... I promise. I'm a bad blogger, going a week between posts!


Susan said...

Oh man, I cannot believe it! I am glad all was ok. Well, I hope in OH and FL things slow down for you. Take care!

Cheri said...

Oh my goodness - you have family in Ohio? I do too - it's where I went to high school and college!

I'm glad you're getting things checked off your to do list while you're back in the states. Mostly, we just eat and shop... but not to much - mailing things back is just getting too expensive!