Monday, October 1, 2007

100 Things About Me

Here we go... in no particular order:

1. My name, my husband's, and my daughter's all REALLY start with A, B, and C.

2. My favorite color is lavender.

3. My wedding colors were lavender and peach.

4. We took a trolley from the church to the reception (my husband's very cool idea).

5. I hate to cook.

6. I love to clean.

7. I'm the most organized person I know.

8. I love to make to-do lists, shopping lists... or whatever kind of list I need.

9. I had a detailed inventory and chart to keep our last two moves organized.

10. My exception to hating cooking, is baking- I love it.

11. I have had more time to bake since my daughter was born.

12. This is probably why I still have 20 pregnancy pounds to lose, plus a few from before!

13. I was very upset when my doctor said I needed a c-section.

14. I hate moths.

15. I think I would rather be stung by a bee than have a moth land on me.

16. My favorite season is fall.

17. My favorite holidays are Christmas and 4th of July, tied (okay... maybe Christmas is slightly ahead).

18. I love bonfires, fires in fireplaces, and candles.

19. I love s'mores and hot chocolate too.

20. I collect Nutcrackers or anything Nutcracker ballet themed.

21. My favorite flower is the Gerbera Daisy.

22. I had a beautiful flower box garden on my balcony in Paris, France.

23. We lived in Paris the last four years, up until just a few weeks ago.

24. We are moving to Rome, Italy just after Christmas this year.

25. I broke my thumb when I was little, because I fell off the bed when I was jumping on it.

26. I sprained my ankle really badly playing volleyball in high school.

27. Doctors still notice how weak that ankle is whenever I get a physical.

28. I got a varsity letter my freshman year of high school for swimming.

29. I was a lifeguard and swim instructor for four summers.

30. The two years after, I was promoted to pool manager.

31. My first job out of college was a choir director/vocal music teacher at an arts school for grades kindergarten to eighth grade.

32. My major in college was vocal music education.

33. The last two years of college I lived with music majors.

34. I also played in the steel drum band for one semester and loved it.

35. I took art classes in high school and wanted to be an architect before I realised that music was where I belonged.

36. Besides art and music, my favorite subject in high school was math.

37. I especially loved geometry and loved proofs.

38. My mom was a math teacher.

39. My dad was a football coach.

40. I only wear a little mascara and lipstick.

41. I love jewelry and wear it when I remember.

42. Most of my clothes are from Anne Taylor and Talbot's, but I've bought almost everything form the clearance racks!

43. I don't really like the smell of lavender.

44. My favorite scent is lemon verbena (kind of a lemon flowery smell).

45. I love hand soaps and room sprays from Bath and Body Works, but only food smells, like peach, pear, and fig.

46. I switch to caramel or spice/cinnamon smells in the holiday months.

47. My favorite food is Mexican, but I also love Indian- both spicy!

48. I don't like raw seafood (oysters, etc), zucchini, or honeydew melon.

49. I was born in North Carolina.

50. I grew up in mostly small towns and spent 7 years of my childhood in a small college town.

51. I hate cell phones and only borrow my husband's occasionally.

52. I love to read and often read books in one day before my daughter was born.

53. I only watch TV a few nights a week.

54. Most of the time, I listen to music or just enjoy a quiet house.

55. I met Michael Jordan when I was little.

56. I've ridden in a pace car at the Daytona 500.

57. My favorite sport is football.

58. I fly a lot for convenience, but get really nervous every single time I fly.

59. I love roller coasters and don't have a fear of heights.

60. I have an organized file for birthday cards and buy them a few years in advance.

61. We send out about 100 Christmas cards every year.

62. The first year we were married, we made the cards together.

63. We usually send a picture and put a short, hand-written note in our Christmas cards.

64. I love pictures and have them all over my house, including a whole gallery in the main hallway (hopefully we'll have a main hallway in our new house).

65. I love dogs, but don't particularly like cats.

66. I love the rain, but hate going out in it.

67. I always wanted my kids to be born in November or December- my daughter was born in November.

68. I was a figure skater for 8 years. I quit right before high school so I could do other sports and activities.

69. I played piano growing up, as did my Mom (a little), my grandmother, and my great-grandmother. I'm told my great-grandmother was very good.

70. I have a hereditary fast heart beat.

71. But I have really low cholesterol.

72. And low blood pressure.

73. I have terrible teeth, and have had 3 root canals.

74. This happened even though I brush twice and floss everyday.

75. My husband never flosses and only brushes in the morning, but has only had 1 cavity.

76. I hope our daughter and all future children get his teeth.

77. My favorite US cities are Boston, MA and San Antonio, TX, but I have never lived in either.

78. I want to visit the Grand Canyon someday (it's number one one my travel list... yes, I have a Places to Travel List.

79. My feet aren't ticklish.

80. I've only gotten stitches during surgeries.

81. I had an open-lung biopsy in 1998, to diagnose Wegener's Granulomatosis.

82. Fortunately, I had no kidney complications, which are common with the disease.

83. I am very blessed that, according to doctors, I won't have a recurrence of the disease.

84. I actually don't like talking about it, since I feel that sad chapter in my life is over.

85. I'm very impatient, except when working with kids.

86. When I was little, I had an imaginary friend named Binny.

87. My brother and I are exactly 3 years apart (I'm older)... we were both born on January 24th.

88. I love doing sudokus.

89. My favorite comic is "Get Fuzzy".

90. One of my favorite TV shows of all time is "The Golden Girls".

91. I have had short hair almost my whole life.

92. I have glasses, but only wear them for driving (I should wear them all the time).

93. I wanted a boy first, but now realise that my daughter was meant for me.

94. I stay in bed in the morning and bring her in to cuddle with me.

95. We tried for almost 2 years to get pregnant.

96. I pray to God and thank him for bringing me Love Bug many times a day.

97. I love to laugh and can already see how happy Love Bug is and how much she laughs.

98. The movies I watch are usually comedy.

99. My husband and I have a little private joke that we say to each other. When we're fighting, it makes us stop!

100. My husband and I still laugh about the little things every day.


Susan said...

oh, I always enjoy these lists when getting to know people. Sounds like you have had a lot of great experiences in life. I dream of White Water Rafting down the Grand Canyon.

Kelli in the Mirror said...

This is such a fun list!
I'll come cook for you if you get me organized! :)
I love Boston too. I haven't spent much time in San Antonio though, even though it's only a few hours from here.

carrie said...


Loved this post!

Things we have in common: same b-day of course (so funny it's your brother's, too!), being organized, having a c-section, getting nervous about flying.

Jacquie said...

Great list! I love reading them, then I sit and wonder how would I come up with 100 things LOL.

I love sudokus too, once I figured them out it was like ok why was I scared of them ;-)

Leigh said...

how strange. I said to my husband I want to visit San Antonio because of some stuff I saw on a website.

Anyway, how did you land up in Paris and now to Italy???

Leah in Iowa said...

I love reading people's "100" lists! We have these in common: 8, 13, 16, 18, 19, 52, 53, 54, 59, 66, 69, 80, 88, and 91. =)

Erica @ life's not a paragraph said...

I just read this list, and here's something really strange - my sister-in-law and brother-in-law were born 3 years apart on the same day as well. And she's older. Their birthday? January 24th! Strange. I've never met siblings with the same birthday aside from them.