Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Where did this snazzy new sofa come from?

Love Bug is really interested in what is going on in our house these days. The boxes stacked up and the crazy French movers around our house... she can't believe the excitement! Tonight she finally had some space where she could explore and not be trampled, so we let her wander around in the maze of boxes...
Of course, she discovered one of the wheeled carts they brought up. Perfect for a baby to play on (and get hurt). Luckily she was quickly distracted by eating cardboard and tape pieces on the floor. She did manage to get one piece in her mouth before I caught her and fished it out with my finger... which she thought was oh so pleasant, between gags, of course.

We also have been given some temporary items to use, like a few dishes, 2 sets of towels, sheets, and an iron. They've also included a vacuum, mop, broom, and a bucket, amongst other cleaning items, which now confirms the dreaded cleaning I must do before we go! If Love Bug eating the the packing leftovers wasn't already a sign that I need to vacuum once the movers leave, then the delivery of cleaning items to my door was certainly a hint!

Also in our little delivery of temporary items was a crazy new sofa. B is sitting on it here. Have you ever seen colors like this? B and I saw it coming in the door and immediately started laughing. Even the two delivery men laughed and winked at me.

But I actually have a confession to make...

I kinda wish it was my sofa! It's crazy, colorful, and so unlike me. It would be a great conversation piece and it would make me seem very cool and snarky. I know it would be so impractical, but wow, the people who actually own this sofa must be really wild. But I realised that we actually do have something like this crazy pink sofa. We have a bright yellow bathroom at our house back in the US (a renter lives there now). I love yellow and think it is such a friendly color, but this is yellow with some kick! I even picked this shade for our bathroom because of the name, "Rubber Ducky Yellow".

Does anyone have some crazy areas of their house? A red wall, a foosball table for a kitchen table (like on "Friends"), or a wild tile pattern in your bathroom? Share, share, share... that's why I blog... to hear about your "crazy" lives and share mine.

Edited to add:
Also, thanks to Carrie to reminding me to tell you that we're going on Thursday. Please pray for us that we have a safe and "easy" flight. Love Bug is getting bigger, so it should be a challenge. Check out Carrie's blog, by the way, she just got some great awards and I can't think of anyone more deserving!


carrie said...


Thank you so much for your kind words!

Hope cleaning goes smoothly today--I'm sure you have so much on your mind and to-do list.

I will be praying for all of you as you travel--for safety, on-time flights, and sleep for all but especially LB.

Susan said...

The sofa is great and fun. Hope all goes well for you. Thursday, that is tomorrow. Praying for you guys. I will take notes on how Love Bug fairs. JR will be traveling at this age in December.

My crazy room is downstairs it is bright yellow and the corner is plum purple. That is where our bed is located. It sounds tacky, but it really looks good.