Friday, September 7, 2007

Prayers for two people...

I haven't had much to say lately. I'm busy getting ready for the movers and saying goodbye to our friends here in Paris.
I was somewhat of a "lurker" before I had a blog. I was just reading, not saying much, trying to figure out what everyone was doing. I found a few favorite blogs and read them often. I stopped by one the other day for an update and was sad to find out that "Amy" had just lost her sister and she is 8 months pregnant. She now feels such pressure, if that is the right word, and wants the birth of her baby to go well so that the family has something positive to focus on. I completely know where she's coming from. It reminded me of my feelings a little over a year ago, when my dad died during my pregnancy. You can't believe it happened and it reminds you how precious and fleeting life is. I worried about the baby so much and then worried that if something happened to me or the baby, it would just be more than the family could handle. Please pray for the baby, Amy, and her family- that this new, healthy life brings joy while they grieve a loss of another life.
Also, my good friend in Paris left suddenly last week after her sister had complications in childbirth. She had to have an emergency c-section and then a hysterectomy a few days later. This was her first child and I'm sure it's devastating for her that she can't carry any more children herself. I don't know Jen's sisters name, but I'm sure God will figure it out... please pray for her too.
And I will pray that I can have something more positive to post about next time! I'm going to put my chin up and try not to be so sad about moving and leaving my friends in Paris behind. I am visiting family and friends for 3 months, then moving to Rome... what's not to be thrilled about!

Love Bug is awake... I'll try to get back on later and comment when I have a chance.


carrie said...


Thanks for checking in. I'm so sorry to hear of these sad situations.

Jacquie said...

Oh my hugs and prayers for both these families.