Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Parks of Paris

We went to some interesting parks recently that we had never been to before. We live just a half block from a beautiful park, with lakes, gardens, and even a few restaurants, so we usually just go there. But we decided to branch out and here are some beautiful pictures of our experience.

Our first outing was to the Parc de Andre Citroen, named for the founder of the Citroen automobile. This is where their old factory was, but when they tore the factory down, they used the land to build a beautiful park. It's very modern with lots of geometric fountains, trees cut in exact shapes, and concert alcoves... very interesting.
Here I am holding Love Bug. This fountain just had water spouts coming up out of every paving stone along a part of the sidewalk. She loves the water and just was fascinated to look back at the water. We couldn't get too close... even there we were getting really wet!

Here, as in many of the concrete alcoves, they had wooden lounge chairs. This is my Mom, Love Bug, and me lounging.

This is a huge hot air balloon in the middle of the park to advertise something. You can see the huge square body of water...which was more like a moat around that center grassy area. You can also see the "square cut" trees in back.

Off next to Parc Buttes-Chamant. It was an old mine and they used the huge area cut of out of the land to make a peak with a big lake below. The only way to get down from the peak is a series of bridges and steep walkways... it's really neat.

This is a view of the huge peak with viewing tower in the center of the lake.

This is a view from the peak seen above, looking down at the park and buildings beyond.

This is my Mom with Love Bug on top of the hill, in front of some beautiful flower beds.

Another day, my Mom and I went to the Tuileries and they had an amusement park set up. They had a really cool Ferris wheel, but I couldn't get a good angle on it.

Here is the slide- it looked so fun and I secretly wanted to go. I was mad at myself that I didn't... why shouldn't we have fun in life? It taught me a lesson, so the other day at the pool, B held Love Bug so I could go down the slide there... and I loved it!

They had a Log Flume and it looked like people were getting really wet. You can see by my little weather girl on the right side bar, that's it's too cold for this!
It was wonderful to have so many new park experiences, right before we leave. And Mom, I know you read this, but never comment... so I have a few words for you...
"Gotta find me a carny man."

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