Friday, September 14, 2007

Our street and the shortest street in Paris

I've been pulling all of you, my wonderful (but small number of) readers, into the middle of my sadness over leaving Paris. (If you don't know what I'm talking about... just read a few previous posts). I have to post about something better, so I'll share our last few fun experiences here in the city of lights. I've taken some great pictures of these moments and I thought I'd share them.
First, we went and took a picture of our family in front of our "street" sign. And no, it's not the street we live on. With my husband's French background, we do have a French last name and there is a street with our last name. We went and took the picture last weekend. I'm sure you're curious, but I blurred it. I think you all are great, but there are weirdos out there!

Just after that, we were driving home and stopped by to see one of the last things on my list of stuff to see before I go... the shortest street in Paris!

The street is called Rue des Degres, and it clearly had an inhabitant at one time, since you can see a faint outline of a door. Now it's just a set of stairs with no actual addresses... they've kept it as a street anyway, because I confirmed it's location on a recent map.

It's actually hard to get to and we were coming up a one-way just parallel to the street that I'm standing on here. We were on this street forever and were only moving inches! I finally got out, walked over, and took a picture, looked around a little, and then starting running back, in case B started moving more. I then saw the issue. Someone double parked (on a tiny one way) and never came back. It had been 30 minutes and they finally got the tow truck down a small side street and cars backed into alleys to let it by. I got to the car, told B, and fortunately, we were moving again within 10 minutes. Only in Paris!

We've also had (and are planning one more) fun events at our house, since we love to have people over. I had a baby shower for my friend Heather, and this is this spread!

I thought it turned out really nice. It's her first baby and she deserved a classy, fancy shower. I insisted on no kids, so B took Love Bug on a long walk and got a beer at a cafe. I think if you are about to embark on your own journey with a screaming, crying baby, you should be able to spend your last few weeks tear-free. (Except maybe the crazy hormone sobs that the Mom-to-be has!)

The "one more" event we are planning is for tomorrow night. We are having a "House Cooling", which is a family tradition for us. Rather than a house warming, where guests bring gifts to help you outfit your new house, our guests have to take something of yours home! We have given most of our stuff to a charity, but there are always leftovers. Stuff in English or with the wrong voltage (US 110 instead of European 220), gag gifts like lawn ornaments, and all our half used food. So our friends get to take this stuff. It's always a big hit. Our theme is "Fiesta" since we have leftover Mexican food stuffs and salsa.

The charity we gave most of our stuff to, by the way, is so great! They help homeless people get jobs and get back on their feet. We gave some really good kitchen stuff and clothes, so I hope it helps someone set up their new kitchen and provides clothes to wear for their new job. It's a new group for us... we needed one that did pick ups, since we no longer have the car. I'm going to write more about the old charity we used and donation guidelines on Works-For-Me-Wednesdays next week, since I have some experience sorting for a charity group. Keep an eye out for that... and more positive posts!


Susan said...

I like the house cooling idea. Helps you, others benefit great.

carrie said...


I agree with Susan--a house cooling is such a neat idea. Thank you for sharing that and so many details about this time in your life!