Friday, September 28, 2007

Click, click, click... and Me, The Trendsetter

There is a wonderful group of websites out there that only require a little daily click and you can do a whole lot of good for other people. I will post the other five below, but the one I know more about is the The Breast Cancer Site. Here is some more information from their site about the wonderful things they do!

"When you click, we display ads from our site sponsors. 100% of the money from these advertisers goes to our charity partners, who fund programs to provide mammograms to women in need. Our store gives a portion of every purchase to our charity partners."

"In 2006, visitor clicks funded 2,162 mammograms! Visitors who made a purchase at The Breast Cancer Site store funded an additional 2,955 mammograms for women in need! All in all, in 2006, your caring actions at The Breast Cancer Site funded a total of 5,567 mammograms!"

The rest of the sites, which you can also find on tabs at the top of any of the donation pages, are:
The Animal Rescue Site
The Child Health Site
The Hunger Site
The Literacy Site
The Rainforest Site

These are great programs and give a lot to people in need. All you have to do is stop by and click!

* * * * * *

In other news, I have a new look! I changed my blog earlier this week, to more of a fall, orange look, since I love fall so much! In fact, fall is my favorite season. So then, today I saw that Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer, has changed too. I don't really think she's been to my blog, but it seemed cool that we had the same thought.
I really want to start researching some pumpkin/fall festivals to take Love Bug to this year. We'll be at my Mom's in the Chicago area... anyone know of something good?


Susan said...

I was going to say, great fallish looking website! Hope you find a good fest for Love Bug. Thanks for the info on charities, will check them out.

carrie said...


Good idea to post these links. I already made a click over to the BC site. I was wanting to post some stuff this month on BC awareness, too.