Monday, September 24, 2007

Bumps, Bruises, and Bewildered

Poor Love Bug... she is starting to get over jet lag, but is still overtired in the evening. I think when she gets so tired, she just doesn't have as much control over her body. She fell yesterday playing and got a little bump on her forehead. I was in the shower and heard her crying downstairs with B and his family but was shocked to see a bump. Now that's she trying to walk, she falls all the time, but has never really been hurt. After the ear infection Friday, I just want to protect her all the time!

B and I are also having a harder time than we thought. We feel out of place in our own country. I know it will get better soon, but right now, even the easy things seem difficult. I actually have spoken French a few times, which is ridiculous, because in France I craved chances to speak English. I don't know where this store is or that restaurant is... and these are places I regularly went when we lived here before our move to France. I need to get a map and just look around to get my bearings.

Rome or bust... in 94 days.


carrie said...


I'd love to be able to e-mail you. My address is on my profile page.

Jacquie said...

My Jillian is accident prone. I think she is our boy in disguise.

I felt backwards when I went back home this summer. Like I didn't know where things were? We've only been gone just over 2 years, but it was weird.

Btw I love Kenny Chesney too, he was in Alberta must be almost a year ago but about 3 hours from us. I din't get to go :-( he sold out really fast. I think that was his 1st time here? I have heard rumors he doesn't like cold weather?? So it would make sense that he doesn't come here much LOL.

Cheri said...

I know what you mean. It's hard when you first realize that what you always thought of as "home" isn't home anymore. Is it part of growing up or part of moving away? I don't know, but I wouldn't trade our life as it is now for never leaving "home"

Susan said...

Oh, I think I understand you. Also, working for a non profit we had to do "Reentry Counseling" for those who lived overseas to come back to the US. It is strange being a stranger in your home.

Hang in their with the walking. JR is a couple of months behind LoveBug.