Monday, August 27, 2007

Our trip to the Burgandy region...

We took a trip last weekend with our friends J & H to Burgundy region. The region is known for some very good wines and a beautiful countryside.

We stopped in a small village on a hillside on our way. This was the beautiful view of the hills and vineyards.

The first day, we spent most of the day in Dijon. This is a view of all the gargoyles on top of the cathedral. They had them lined up along each level of the building, so when you looked straight up to the sky, this is what you saw...

A family picture in front of an old timber house in Dijon. Love Bug is sitting happily in the backpack.

This is a view of more of the old "timber houses"... many built almost 600 years ago.

They have a lovely tradition in France of embarrassing brides-to-be and grooms-to-be during their bachelor(ette) parties. I don't know why, but everyone around stops and watches or participates in the humiliation...

Here is one groom-to-be dressed in a lovely teal sequined dress... isn't he dazzling?

Here is a bride-to-be fishing through a fountain for ducks with a blindfold on. I think they're holding her hand to guide her at this point because she had hit her head on that large statue once or twice already!

After a wonderful stay in Hotel les Clos (come check it out here), with gorgeous rooms and fabulous breakfast, we were off to Beaune (pronounced "bone", from what I understood).

The town square with a carousel, as customary in France.

This is the Hotel Dieu, set up as a hospital/hospice for the sick in the 17th century. It was used up until the 1950s! Check out the beautiful tiles on the roof of the building. The region of Burgundy is famous for this.

Always wanting to educate our young early, Daddy holds Love Bug at the Marche des Vins, a huge wine tasting museum. You get to taste 15 different wines!

This is a view of some of their caves... look at the dates on the wines. Some are nearly a hundred years old!

We had a great weekend and loved spending more time with our friends!


Debi said...

Oh, such lovely photos! Sounds (and looks) like you had a wonderful time! But I have to say, I'm glad I got married here in the

Cheri said...

From what I understand, the wines are different in Italy - much fresher, fewer preservatives, etc. Takes some getting used to, but once you do, they're wonderful!

Susan said...

Lovely! 15 different wines. I would be stumbling around after 7 tastes. It is alwayss fun to travel with friends.

Leah in Iowa said...

Oh, man ~ has anyone ever told you that your husband looks like Adam Sandler? I think he does, especially in the one with all three of you together!