Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm finally back!

My Mom left last week and we are back from our mini-vacation, so I'm back to blogging. It's nice to be home and to know we don't have much going on until our move in a little over 4 weeks!

My Mom had a great visit and we loved seeing her, even though it was a day late. Her plane had some mechanical problems, so they sent everyone home, after making them sit on the plane for 5 hours trying to fix it. They finally took off the next day and got here without incident. Despite the problems, my Mom was also feeling lucky to live close to the airport. The women sitting next to her, who had flown in that day for the Paris flight, said she had problems getting a hotel for the night of the delay. The first hotel they sent her to didn't have rooms left and she had to go back to the airport to ask the ticket agents about another. They finally found a hotel with vacancies, but it was really far. And then, when she got there, they asked if she could share a room with another passenger she didn't know... not only share, but share a room with only one bed! As you can guess, she said no!

During my Mom's visit, we went to visit a few chateaux in the Loire Valley...

This is the Chateau of Langeais, with my Mom and I in front of it. She's so tan from playing golf all the time... I forgot until I saw this picture! I can't wait to live in a sunnier climate- we have no sun here!

It is actually built on the site of the old chateau, which was built 1,000 years ago. These are whats left of the ruins. As amazed as I was by 1,000 years... I know in Rome we'll see things that are 2,000 years old or more!

This is a view from the tower of the chateau... I love the little village!

Next we went to Usse, which was the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty's Castle in the original story.

On the way home, we stopped at Villandry. We didn't have time for the chateau visit, but we got to walk all over the gardens.

The patch of light purple on the left is a whole field of lavender. We walked through it and it was heavenly!

I'll post about our visit to the Parks around Paris tomorrow... and I have a great story to tell about our ride on the metro! So stop by again- we have been busy and I have a lot to share!


Susan said...

France is lovely. I will have to visit the country next door. It does rain a lot... I would suppose the weather between Paris and Berlin is about the same. Seeing your lovely pictures inspires me to take more photos here. The area I live is also gorgeous and the stories from life during war and living behind the Wall in East Germany need to be told.

carrie said...


Glad you're back. Thanks for sharing pix--beautiful!